SocialWorks for January 20th, 2016

by dramawayadmin

Here’s what we are looking forward to exploring this evening at SocialWorks.

For those who are keen on knowing what we’ll be doing minute by Minute here it is:

5:55-6:05:  Arrival


6:05-6:15: Introduction Circle (Developing communication skills and using our active listening skills while also working on turn taking)


6:15-6:30: Introduce them of Etiquette and lead into viewing of short video clips relating to the theme. These videos are not created by DramaWay and simply used as a learning tool and reference point for this discussion. Feel free to watch if you too would like to know what your child watched.


6:30-6:40 Group Discussion based on Video clips – What are manners review?

What is cleanliness? What to do and what not do at a restaurant/public dinner.


6:40-6:45 Break/Recharge


6:45-7:10: Group activity: Learning how to set a table for guests using live props

(cups, plates, forks, knives, etc.). Parents the way you can reinforce this is ask your child/teen to set the table at your next meal so s/he can continue remembering these skills.


7:10-7:20: Mock Dinner Party


7:20-7:30-40ish: Mock Diner Party Gone Wrong – How do we fix this?

(Each participant will be given a slip of paper with a certain behavior and once tapped on the shoulder must perform this behavior to see if the others will correct their manners or not)


7:40-8:00: Closing remarks/Recap and clean up