Brooke Banning takes part in Mixology Competition!

by dramawayadmin

Hello Everyone:

I know you are aware that many of our staff work part-time as Freelancers with DramaWay. So many of them have other careers and talents that most of you may not be aware of.  For example, our dear friend and DramaWay Facilitator Brooke Banning is not only a PlayWright, Dancer, Choreographer and Drama Teacher… she is also a Bartender!
So we are sharing this information as I know there are a few of you out there who like to attend a good party. I as the Founder & Artistic Director cannot endorse this event as I myself have not ever attended it. But Brooke asked if we could share it so I am doing so. If you are interested in attending, I would view the website and ensure you feel comfortable attending.  This is not connected with DramaWay nor is it a DramaWay event.
Brooke is competing in the regional finals of this mixology competition called Made With Love. Her assigned spirit is Wild Turkey Bourbon, and she has to design a cocktail around it. The competition is from 6pm-10pm on April 4th – Liberty Grande at the CNE. Tickets are pretty expensive ($60 for the early bird price) which we understand is out of range cost wise for some people. However, the amount of tickets she sells directly affects how much money she gets for her ingredients.
If you don’t think you can make it happen, no worries – what she suggests we do is share the link below on whatever social media you use or email others and tell them about it.  She does say it’s a really good time. There are apparently twenty-one mixologists competing and you get to taste all of their drinks as many times as you like, plus there will be food pairings and a dj.
Here’s the link for more info. It’s important that you use this “Brooke Banning” link if you want to support my team: