ExpressionWorks Blog Entry written by DramaWay Volunteer Sam Webster for January 1st, 2016

by dramawayadmin

This weeks’ ExpressionWorks class focused on the power of music and dance as a means for participants of all abilities to explore a wide spectrum of emotions. From using classic 70’s rock n’ roll to express glorious self-confidence, to hardcore rap as a tool to deal with pent-up anger, it was incredible to witness the array of participants’ physical interpretations. Subsequently, these physical manifestations of emotion would often resonate from one person to the rest of the class and inspire others in the group to step outside of their individual comfort zones.

When using music and dance as a tool like this, the class was able to demonstrate an impressive ability to not only adapt physically to accommodate the different emotions but also improvise rhythmically within the dances themselves.

On top of all of this, a real physical workout was achieved, adding another layer to the already stimulating session.

These tools of artistically communicating ones’ emotions through dance are valuable and seemed to strike a chord among all of the participants.

I was delighted to witness this first hand and to share my experience here in the blog.

Sam W

Here are a few shots from our active evening: