ExpressionWorks Class Update – February 4th

by dramawayadmin

ExpressionWorks Blog Entry – Class Update for February 4th by Volunteer Sam Webster
This week at ExpressionWorks we celebrated classic Disney musicals in all of their nostalgia-inducing glory. After all the participants chose their favourite musicals, the class engaged in a series of vibrant dance movements inspired by particular songs from the chosen films.

What especially struck our team about this class, was how each participant’s intense passion for musicals was on display in the individual creativity of dance styles and movements. Class-leader Alanna Balicki skillfully facilitated and supported this passion while simultaneously providing pertinent additional themes and subject matter into the movements.

For instance, during our movement for The Lion King, participants chose their favourite characters from the film and, on the spot, constructed awesome movements inspired by such characters. We were then able to incorporate a ‘circle of life’ theme wherein all of these characters were eventually connected in a human dance circle.

This was a really cool class to be a part of. As a volunteer and actively engaged helper, I certainly have a new appreciation for how musicals can both motivate a large group dance movement while encouraging the individual to explore and express important universal themes on their own.