Public Speaking/Speech Writing at SocialWorks

by dramawayadmin

Hello SocialWorks Families,

We enjoyed a lovely week last week learning about conversation building and speaking confidence. As mentioned, and as provided with the take-home activities we began thinking about short speeches to write based on our future wishes, dreams or goals, looking at the importance of goal setting and public speaking as exemplified by a youth friendly version of  Martin Luther King’s speech on his dream of peace and harmony. We had quite the variety and range in our own wishes, from becoming an author, becoming a musician, being a princess who marries a prince to having free cable and insurance! Our goal is for the participants to speak about something they are passionate about, it does not necessarily have to be attainable. As mentioned if your participant is more comfortable using a communication divide, please bring the device to class. We are open to having speeches in written, oral and picture form – whatever is most accessible and comfortable for you! We would like for everyone to review the worksheet on those dreams at home, and formulate a minimum 10-15 sentence speech that can be prepared for this upcoming Wednesday. Props and show-and-tell pieces are welcome. If you were not able to make it out to Wednesday’s class, we would still like for you to participate in sharing a short speech this upcoming week.
After our speeches, we will speak about different modes and methods of communication in different social scenarios. By the request of some parents, we will touch on the use of different devices as a method of communication such as cell phones, tablets, etc. and when these are appropriate/not always appropriate to use.
See you all Wednesday and Happy Speech Writing!
Adina & The SocialWorks Team