DramaWay Showcase 2016 Information is Final & Released

by dramawayadmin

Hello Everyone

DramaWay_Showcase 2016_Poster_FOR WEB.jpg


We are delighted to announce that our Showcase posters are now finalized thanks to Mila Shu our Social Media Director. We are now working with our lovely Graphic Designer who is just finishing the final touches for our website page.  We have also created Facebook Pages if you’d like to share on Social Media. The more sharing the better!

We’d love to perform to a sold out house this year!

Here are the important links for you to share with family and friends:

Tickets will be available as of April 10th and possibly April 9th if it is uploaded early enough.

The most important link is attached here, which is for all AUDIENCE members. It’s connected directly to our DramaWay website and should be considered the official link to the big event:


We are also including the link that is JUST FOR PERFORMERS ONLY so that you have that to refer to.  Remember costumes will not be posted here, hard copies have been given out.


Facebook link to our Facebook Book Event for the West End Showcase is here:



Facebook link to our Facebook Event page for the East End Showcase is here: