RhythmWorks Downtown Update April 27, 2016

by dramawayadmin

Dear Rhythmworks Familes!
The group has been dancing up a storm in preparation for our live performance on June 11th at Papermill Theatre!  This week we dive into our “Selfie Song.”  Our final piece celebrates our expressive, stylish self.
A reminder to all members to dress up as wacky and glamorously as possible for this week’s photo shot!  Please note that this week’s class may also wonder to the neighbouring park, weather permitting.
Members are invited to take their own selfie shots, but must note that only select photos will be included in our slideshow.  Feel free to email 2 to 3 of your favourite photos to Alanna (dramaway.alanna@gmail.com) during the week following class.  Please don’t email more than 3!  Thank you.
See you Thursday,