SocialWorks Update April 26

by dramawayadmin

Hello SocialWorks Families and Participants,

Last week the group, created visual and video resumes – which you hopefully saw upon take home!. I have created and cut of various words (and pictures) that would be included on a typical written resume to help our group thing through their hobbies, interests, work experience, school experience and the like for potential future interviews. Video resumes are also becoming increasingly popular in our digital age and will help us think through similar things in a different style. This activity was to get to know ourselves, our interests and express them on paper.
Once again the call for parent requests is being put out! If you would like us to cover a topic in class please e-mail us and let us know as soon as possible so we can formulate a lesson plan and gather materials to do so. We love parent feedback, and would like to ensure that we are doing things that would be valuable to your teen in class.  I will be sending out a private YouTube link soon will all our videos thus far!
We are looking now at Community Awareness and Stranger Danger.
Adina & The SocialWorks Team