Late Post- April 20th update for SocialWorks

by dramawayadmin

Hello SocialWorks Families and Participants,

Last week the group, facilitators and volunteers were extremely thrilled with the work we had done in class. It seems like everyone has gotten over the winter-blues and came to class focuses, refreshed and ready to learn. We worked through the ways we must combine our verbal and non-verbal communication skills in successful question answering interview-style. After getting to know each other with personal interviews in a speed-friendship dating style activity, it was up to the group and the Body Language Police (everyone got the chance to play the serious and silly roles) to determine how ones interview could be improved via their body language, through s charade style activity – exemplifying what TO DO and what NOT TO DO when someone is interviewing you or asking your questions. In the end we facilitated and recorded a successful interview PSA, which will be up on our you tube channel soon. I will send out the link, please bare with me, as I am accessing it!
Our main take home points were to:
-speak clearly
-make good eye contact
-have good posture and an open body so people know you are interested in what you are saying and what they are saying
-be prepared
-be confident, there are (almost) no wrong answers when you are talking about yourself!
We were once again so proud of the dedication and focus we had last week, and hope to see the same great work tomorrowTomorrow, building off of the same line of work, we will create visual and video resumes. I have created and cut of various words (and pictures) that would be included on a typical written resume to help our group thing through their hobbies, interests, work experience, school experience and the like for potential future interviews. Video resumes are also becoming increasingly popular in our digital age and will help us think through similar things in a different style.
Once again the call for parent requests is being put out! If you would like us to cover a topic in class please e-mail us and let us know as soon as possible so we can formulate a lesson plan and gather materials to do so. We love parent feedback, and would like to ensure that we are doing things that would be valuable to your teen in class.
Adina & The SocialWorks Team