Actress with Down syndrome for Virtual Reality Project

by dramawayadmin

We saw this post through DSAT and thought we’d share it in the event any DramaWay actresses are interested:


Actress with Down syndrome for virtual reality project

I’m producing a Virtual Reality series and I’m looking for a 38-45 year old actress with Down Syndrome for one of the parts.

Synopsis of Little Death: Grandma is in a coma. From limbo between life and death she watches as the lives of her family fall apart. Can she get back to the living in time to save them?

The viewer will essentially be grandma, choosing which “episode” to watch in whichever order they want.

It will be filmed on a GoPro Omni, which is essentially 6 cameras in 1 that capture footage from every direction so when the viewer is wearing the Virtual Reality headset they can look wherever they want and it’s as if they’re in the room with the characters.

It’s being produced under the ACTRA co-op agreement, which means there is no pay up front, but everyone gets the same size share of the project including myself (which will be just over 10%). Because of this agreement the actress would have to be a member of the acting union ACTRA.

The part is Celia, grandma’s eldest daughter, 43. She has been mute and living on her own ever since grandma made her give up her son for adoption. She was 20 when this happened. In the series she is reunited with her long lost son and eventually helps raise his baby.


If you are interested, please contact Aris at