SocialWorks Friends & Families – Update!

by dramawayadmin

Hello SocialWorks Friends and Family!
This week we covered good and healthy relationships/friendships. We learned about things that would be considered a RED LIGHT Friendship (not very healthy) a YELLOW LIGHT Friendship (friendships to be cautious or weary of) and then GREEN LIGHT (good and healthy friendships and relationships) 
This week Julia was in charge of our twitter, Andrew our Instagram and the following is an update form Hailey; 
friendship tableaux. signs of good and bad friend. we talked about our week

I will review the goals that each family wrote out and presented and review for next weeks topic. If you have not doing this as of yet – please fill out the 2nd form in your participants binder and bring to next weeks class.
Thank you!
Adina & The SocialWorks Team