ExpressionWorks update Oct 7, 2016

by dramawayadmin

ExpressionWorks Update


Everyone was delighted to be back in action last night. We were delighted to have our new friend JOM join us last night.  Thanks to JOM and Sam being our DJ’s for the night.  We were also happy to have our old friend Patrick join DramaWay again as well.

We stayed in doors last night, but next week we will aim to do our outdoor sessions outside at the start of the night. We did a lot of Spotlighting and calling people out as different Celebrities and we also did a lot of Ice Breakers.  We look forward to having Divya return with us next week and we may have a new Volunteer named Liz joining us, so we are happy to have her join us as well.

Wising you all a Happy Thanksgiving!