Sample Audition Lines for DramaWorks Actors/Performers to Prepare for upcoming In-Class Auditions

by dramawayadmin


DramaWorks Actors are now preparing for auditions. Please be aware we will not be asking actors to audition for a particular Character at this point. We will simply ask that each actor prepares for our group auditions by familiarizing themselves with the lines below. Please help your performer if need be.  If s/he can memorize where possible, that is ideal, but not mandatory.  While working in the group, s/he will then be presented with different emotions throughout the audition process.  Our Staff/Volunteer them will then observe how the actors respond using only these lines.  We will also be working with Status, which our Actors are familiar with. An example of high status would be a King or Queen (Important & very educated) or low status could be a Swamp Monster or Servant.  They may also be asked to respond as if they are in a certain location as well. They are familiar with these terms and this process as we have done this in class a number of times.  The audition process is not meant to be stressful or nerve wracking.  It should be a very smooth and easy process. This is an ongoing process during this term, and ultimately everyone gets assigned a role!


ACTOR A:       Who is it?

ACTOR B:       It’s me!

ACTOR A:       Come closer.

ACTOR B:       I found them.

ACTOR A:       Where were they?

ACTOR B:       (pointing) Over there!