Attention DramaWay Families

by dramawayadmin

Hello Families,

We’ve been noticing that some participants are arriving extremely early this year for some of our classes.
To ensure everyone’s safety, we wanted to send you a friendly reminder to have participants show up to program in a timely manner. This would mean maximum 10 minutes before class, with doors to the sessions opening 5 minutes prior to class. Unfortunately, as we work out of rented spaces, we are technically only permitted into the space 15 minutes prior to our class start time. Luckily, most of our Rental Facilities are kind enough to allow us in earlier most days as long as there are no bookings before our class.
As you can imagine our Facilitators need time to consult with our staff/volunteer team prior to class as we review the lessons and do set-up.  We also have a fair bit of clean-up after program as usually nothing is permitted to remain in the space.  We just want to be sure that everyone is safe and if people start arriving 30 mins early, we cannot always promise that our staff will be there to supervise participants.  Therefore, we definitely love when people arrive 5-10 minutes before so we can all get into the program and start on time.  Once the cold weather and winter months, please ensure that clients are bringing a water bottle and a change of clean indoor shoes to program to keep the space clean.
Thanks for your co-operation in this matter.
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