SingingWorks Update

by dramawayadmin

Hey All

Here is an Update on What Our Participants Have Been Up Too in Singing-Works

thus far.
We’ve been playing with a lot of Music and nothing is confirmed yet, but we’re quickly building a strong set list to choose from.

We started off listening to some Canadian Music due to the Sensational Tragically Hip Tour that caught lots of attention this summer. A variety of music from different Genres have been listened too and the group choose to start working on “I Can’t Feel My Face” by Toronto Singer The Weeknd. ( ) with lyrics but a differnt key ( ).
There was also a strong group reaction to “Sweet City Woman” which Sean especially enjoyed ( ). And the group was also up to try some mellow, Caribbean infused hip-hop with Grand Analog’s “Around This Town” (
This week David asked to sing “I will Follow Him” ( ) and Victor asked to sing Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky” ( ) , both blew us away!
Amelia has brought us the Lumineers’ “Cleopatra” ( ) and we Listened to Crash Test Dummies’ “Superman Song” ( ) Caroline and Jason were both instantly attached to it.
We’ve even tried our hand at Arcade Fire’s Sprawl II ( ) after Christine and Erin instantly started dancing to it while we were listening to it. It does have a fun beat.
Its early and we will want to try out some more songs, but so far either the group or individuals have shown strong responses to the songs listed and our final themes that are emerging are “following” “heroes” “rebelliousness” and “movement”. If you noticed we started off our Journey looking at Canadian music due to The Tragically Hip but don’t have a song by them, it’s simply because we haven’t found one that really resonates with the group (yet). But so much music has been impactful that we are sure to have one of our best open classes since we did our “Prom Songs” theme.
Interests in songs wax and wane and so this is not the final playlist, we will get one to you.
This is just to give you an idea of where we are and the links can help participants practice any of the songs they like.
Feel free to share links with your Singer.