DramaWorks Mississauga ONLY

by dramawayadmin

Hello FAmilies

As you are already aware. We are doing a production inspired by the classic Cinderella story. Our play is called Break Free and was originally written by DramaWay staff Alanna Balicki for our DramaWay DramaWorks group last year. We are adapting and altering it to suit our DramaWorks Mississauga group this year and will perform it at Maja Prentice Theatre on May 15th, 2017.

To get us started for our Production Rehearsals in the New Year, we are sending home this link ahead of time for our two Showcase Dances/Choreographed pieces. You will find these on our DramaWayPrograms page on YouTube for daily at-home rehearsals.

You will recognize our Director who choreographed these, and our Partner Dance will be sampled here by other DramaWay staff.  Our Lana Del Ray pieces will be performed in partners. We have not as of yet, chosen partners as roles have not been cast.  Yet, performers are still encouraged to learn the movements and encouraged to rehearse when possible.  Note for our W/C users or those who will be doing the dances in a seated position; simply focus on the upper body movement and ignore the leg action.