Power Point – At Home Rehearsal Tools for our DramaWorks performers

by dramawayadmin

Hello Everyone:
As you know this is our last week of our Fall session celebrating our final class and the start of the Holiday Season.
We are delighted to finally be doing our official Play reveal by giving each actor their own personal script. All the roles have been assigned and everyone seems delighted with their roles. We did a great deal of workshopping before assigning the roles so there shouldn’t be many surprises regarding the casting.
We also want to remind everyone, that this is the ROUGH DRAFT of the script. It always develops as we go along and see our talented performers take on their roles.
We will aim to maintain lines that have been assigned where possible.  As in the past, there will be changes as we go undoubtedly.  It’s not until we put our weekly rehearsals into action that we see where changes need to be made. 
We ask you to help support us as we go along, with at home rehearsals where possible. The more you help your actor, the better the show will be! This may be as simple as helping him/her review his/her lines each night for 5-10 minutes.  If you need tips as to how to rehearse effectively at home, don’t hesitate to contact our Artistic Director at dramawayoffice@gmail.com or call us at 416-614-1078.
Our Staff member Adina Isaacs has graciously created a video tutorial for our actors which is a short break down of the play.  We will be sending it out and posting it shortly.
It was based on an earlier version of the script, however, it gives an overall break down of the story and production.  There may be a few outdated comments, such as the Emperor Poutine being referenced, yet now s/he we have altered that name to Commander Poutine. Also in our Video and Power point, we may have mentioned that there are Aliens on the Moon of Luna. However, we have altered those characters on the Moon of Luna to now be called Royal Lunites.  
Our Power Point is an additional rehearsal tool which gives a visual and written story break down. Families and actors are encouraged to preview while becoming acquainted with the script. You should be able to find these resources here:
Let us know if you have trouble viewing.
Enjoy exploring over the holiday season. Our hope is that Actors arrive at the start of our Winter Term with as many lines memorized as possible. We encourage all performers to arrive weekly here on out with their script in hand and a dry pair of shoes.
A document sent out previously listed all the dates we start back in January. 
Happy Holidays
Danielle & DramaWay Team