Sam’s DramaWay Story!

by dramawayadmin



Many people find the creative arts impactful.

Sam Forbes is a perfect example of this. Sam credits DramaWay for much of the great work that he is doing now out in the community. Check out what he has to say?

Can you believe that someone told him that he’d never be employable? Now he’s not only working but he’s going to be doing a Starbucks Commercial. Sam says “DramaWay has changed my life…and grow my confidence!”

We are honoured to have the opportunity to work with such a talented performer and Advocate!

Sam would also like to encourage everyone to donate to DramaWay’s current Indiegogo campaign.  We have included the link for those interested :


Credit to Morgan Joy for her Puppet Creations used in this photo shoot.

Thanks to Adina Isaacs, Alysha Hunsberger and Yanko Yankof!