SocialWorks Update

by dramawayadmin

Hello SW Families,

This week we looked at manners and etiquette and it was decided by the group that they are interested in putting together another music video for out topic. We came up with different ways we show manners and etiquette and the importance of them; and started to compile our song: here are the lyrics we have thus far – if everyone wants to come with 4 rhyming lines next week, it would be helpful to piece our song together! ABAB Rhyming scheme.

(Typed out courtesy of Hailey and Daniela)

i only have 1 thing to say

that manners will take you a far way

superman man got thing on

i’ll tell you about manners when i see you today

having manners is key

like coughing in your arm

don’t act like you’re an animal

you’re not raised on a farm

when you’re in a restaurant keep your elbows down

put your napkin in your lap

don’t act like a clown

because if you don’t show manners

you’ll come crashing down

when at the table, don’t be texting on your phone

not only is it rude

it can drop in your soup bowl

… to be continued BRING YOUR LYRICAL STANZA NEXT WEEK! as your homework – attached are our shots for the music video that may inspire your lyrics!p (check your emails this week)