DramaWay – ExpressionWorks update!

by dramawayadmin

Hello Everyone
ExpressionWorks has been going well.
We have been delighted to have our volunteers back such as Susan Anderson, Jan Fine, Liz McEachern and Sam Webster come. Our volunteers aren’t always able to attend, but when they do , it’s wonderful.
Last two weeks the group enjoyed taking part in Radio, where the participants learned vocal exercises and performed in pairs short dialogues with one person giving the sound effects.
Prior to our Radio sessions, was our Shakespeare theme and Halloween. We were so excited to see that everyone arrived in costume and during communication circle we did a lot of tongue twisters related to Halloween. During our Shakespeare Explorations, the whole group enacted Macbeth together. It was a fun night!
The first two weeks in October we had dance and movement where our participants combined a body part with an action. Before that everyone went around the circle and mentioned one thing they like to do as well they stated and mentioned one thing that makes them happy and how they take care of themselves in terms of relaxation.
The next two weeks, we are eager to have our dearest Alanna Balicki returning to do clowning. We know everyone will be super excited to see her. I’m sure it would make her day if those of you who know her were to arrive with a card or something you’ve made for her. She’s so happy to be able to return and visit everyone.