ExpressionWorks Update

by dramawayadmin

We had another fabulous Week at ExpressionWorks.
The stretch circle was great for everyone this week and it seems as though everyone was in sync when doing their stretches and dance moves. We expanded our communication skills and song choices by choosing music that we do not regularly work with.
Communication circle was fun as the group said one of their favourite tongue twisters.  One of the participants led the group in another tongue twister and then challenged the group with a tongue twister that is used by radio professionals. This was fun for the full group.
ExpressionWorks developed our very own musical called “Princess Fish Woman”. Two groups worked on the script separately and then brought it together at the end. The musical told through the actions enacted, original songs and some dance moves had jokes and lines that were hilarious which made it very silly and engaging for all involved. The group shared a lot of laughs together which made the night a lot of fun.
After our development of our Musical, the evening ended with everyone relaxing to meditative music and thinking about what makes them happy. We used our communication skills to share with the group before leaving to go home for the night. Our hope is that we will use these skills not only in class but outside of program as well.
A continuation of Musical Theatre,  will extend into our Story Telling sessions for the next two weeks. Looking forward to all the creativity, imagination and originality of the participants as always.