ExpressionWorks Update

by dramawayadmin

Dear ExpressionWorks Family,

We were very proud of the group this week. As Morgan was away, we got to work with a different Facilitator (that the group is familiar with). Despite the change, the group dealt with the change extremely well.
The group was so welcoming to our Facilitator and everyone quickly became active in our stretch circle and the remainder of the activities. The group was flexible in hearing different versions of some songs during the warm-up despite it being different from our usual routine. Two Participants were so excited to share their news that they could hardly wait. A lot of people shared information about events that they were looking forward to.
Our first culinary session was a success. In groups of three, everyone first listened to the steps of preparing the different fruits and then worked together to wash, cut, slice and mix the fruits together. Some even put Vanilla yogurt on their fruit salad.  Next week we’ll continue honing our culinary skills. We will keep you informed of what the group will prepare for next week.
Looking forward to working with our budding chef’s!