ExpressionWorks Updates

by dramawayadmin

Dear ExpressionWorks Participants/Caregivers & Family Members,

We hope everyone had a wonderful International Woman’s Day!
It was wonderful to see everyone last class arriving early which allowed us to start our stretch circle on time. We are amazed each week with the flexibility of the group in being open to change when choosing songs.  The uniqueness that the group brings in their  dance moves is incredible.  We also appreciate the willingness and initiative that each takes to be a leader and pose their desired questions to their peers.
During Communication Circle the group tried two brand new Tongue Twisters which they enjoyed. We also noted that everyone was giving a lot of good suggestions to the Facilitators regarding posture, speed and volume when needed.
Second week of Culinary Arts was so enjoyable as we prepared vegetable rice rolls. This choice was a huge success. The group was divided into smaller groups and then listened to each other to learn how to cut, shred, scoop the vegetables (red pepper, cucumber, carrots and avocado) and roll the rice paper. They choose the vegetables they wanted in their rolls and with supervision some rolled their own rice paper. Some ate their snack with soya sauce and some ate it plain. It was enjoyed by all.
As we have come to the end of the first half of the semester, after snack, the group came together in a circle and did a bit of debriefing. We went over all that we have done in the past several weeks and what each persons preferences were. We enjoyed highlighting each persons favourite memory thus far.
The team wishes everyone a wonderful 2-week Break.   See you when you all return.