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Casting Opportunity from Pixcom Productions



Hi Everyone


We received this email and thought we’d share it with all of you.

From: Harriet Luke <hluke@pixcom.com>
Date: Mon, Mar 6, 2017 at 12:01 PM
Subject: Pixcom Productions – Development/Casting
Cc: Taeo Soleil Levine <taeolevine1@gmail.com>

I just wanted to follow up on our conversation re: the show we have in development right now with CBC, that you might be able to help us with!

Just to recap the series will feature a group of individuals with disabilities who are super eager to get a job in the restaurant industry, but have struggled to do so. They will be put through a training course with a top head chef in order to learn the skills needed to work in a restaurant and set them up to enter the workforce!

We are looking to cast people with a wide rage of disabilities, ideally people who are starting out in their careers (18 –  25  years old). We are looking for people who have a positive attitude, an outgoing personality, and who would be capable of working long days and can communicate effectively. They can be located anywhere across the county.

Any leads would be greatly appreciated! At this stage we are just looking to speak with people on the phone and do Skype interviews. Taeo, cc’ed here is heading up the trainee casting, and will be in touch as well.

Look forward to hearing from you and don’t hesitate to give me a call if you have any questions!

Chat soon,


Harriet Luke

Development Supervisor
Pixcom Productions
C: 647 830 9095


DramaWay March Break – Spring Break Reminders! Take Note of when your class is NOT running!

Hello DramaWay Families,

Here is a reminder of all the March/Spring Break dates. There will be no class for the following dates please take note and mark your calendars!

Use the time off to rehearse when you can.

Theatre Arts Break

March 13th 2017

DramaWorks Mississauga Breaks

March 13th & April 17th 2017


DramaWorks East Breaks

March 15th & 22nd


SocialWorks Mississauga Breaks

SocialWorks WILL run sessions on March 15th &  22nd in lieu of a Make-Up Dates

  • No SocialWorks on May 18th 2017


SingingWorks Break

March 16th 2017


DramaWorks West Breaks

March 16th , March 23rd & April 27th


RhythmWorks Downtown Breaks

March 16th & March 23rd 2017

RhythmWorks West  Breaks

March 11th, March 18th, March 25th & May 20th 2017

MultiArtWorks Fairlawn Breaks

March 11th , March 18th , April 15th &  May 20th 2017

DramaWorks Group A & DramaWorks Group B



ExpressionWorks Dates Revised PLEASE REVIEW – Corrected info!

  • No class on March 23rd 2017 – This date is reserved for our Make Up class if needed.

PLEASE NOTE: There will in fact be an ExpressionWorks class on March 16th 2017.


  • Clown (March 9, *16) with Guest Artist Joan Barrington of Therapeutic Clowns International!

*Make Up Class for the winter term; if need be is March 23! As of now, there is no class this date unless we have to cancel for some unforseen reason.

Please make note of WEEK BREAK Between Winter and Spring Terms!

ExpressionWorks Term Three- 11 spring sessions

[10 spring sessions include make-up culinary class + 1 closing final class = 11 spring sessions]

The talented team will oversea leadership sessions; rotating Arts-Specialists will lead various 

Art-Hour Workshops/Sessions:

  • Musical Theatre (March 30April 6)
  • Storytelling & Puppetry (April 13, 20)
  • Independent Living Skills (April 27, * May 4)
  • *Special 2-hour out-in-the-community TTC session
  • Musical Improv (May 11, 18)
  • Culinary Arts (May 25, * June 1accounts for Dec. 8make-up)
  • FINAL Open Class (*June 8, 2017)

*ExpressionWorks members, families and friends are invited to attend our Open Class on

Thursday, June 8th from 7:15 – 8:15 pm. Participants arrive at regular class time 6:30 pm.


ActingWorks March Break Camp has been cancelled due to low enrollment.

Sign up today for our Summer ActingWorks Program to avoid missing out.


DramaWay on CBC

CBC TV – Two Timing Tarts, #Shelfies, DIY Health Remedies, & Spring Jackets


Programming Dates for DramaWay – 2017 Winter & Spring Terms

happy-holidays-from-dramaway-2016PROGRAMMING DATES 2017

 Please reserve all rehearsal and showcase dates and look for more details to come in the New Year.

  • We also request that all participants wear deodorant and bring indoor shoes and water.
  • Please be advised that we have staff and participants with severe allergies, therefore we ask that you help us strive to maintain a scent free environment and avoid wearing cologne or perfume and scented creams.
  • Those attending programs 2-hours or more are encouraged to bring a nut-free snack as well.



Fall Break: No class October 10th, 2017

Winter/Spring Term: Mondays, January 9th – April 24th, 2017

Winter & Spring Break: No class February 20th, March 13th or April 17th, 2017

  • Annual Open Class Showcase is scheduled to take place onsite April 3rd & 10th, 2017
  • Final In-Class Celebration & Certificate Distribution to take place onsite on April 24th, 2017


DRAMAWORKS GROUP A 5-6:30 pm & DRAMAWORKS GROUP B: 6:45 – 8:15 pm

Winter Term: Tuesdays, January 17th – March 7th, 2017

March Break: No Classes March 14th & 21st, 2017 (2-week break)

Spring Term: Tuesdays, March 28th – June 6th, 2017

  • Dress Rehearsal is scheduled to take place offsite at Papermill Theatre on June 13th, 2017
  • Annual Theatre Open Class Showcase is scheduled to take place offsite on June 17th, 2017



Winter Term: Wednesdays, January 18thMarch 8th, 2017

March Break: No Class March 15th & 22nd, 2017 (2-week break)

Spring Term: Wednesdays, March 29th – June 7th, 2017

Spring Break: No class April 26th, 2017

  • Dress Rehearsal is scheduled to take place offsite at Papermill Theatre on June 14th, 2017
  • Annual Open Class Showcase is scheduled to take place offsite at Papermill on June 17th



Winter Term: Mondays, January 9th to March 27th, 2017

Winter Break: No class February 20th or March 13th, 2017

  • Final Open Class to be held onsite the final class of the Winter Term




Winter Term: Wednesdays, January 4th – March 29th, 2017

March Break: No class March 15th or 22rd, 2017

  • Spring Term: Wednesdays, April 19th to June 14th, 2017

Spring Break: No class May 18, 2017

  • Final Open Class showcase to be held onsite on June 21st, 2017



SINGINGWORKS: 3:45-4:45 pm

Winter Term: Thursdays, January 12thMarch 9th, 2017

March Break: No Class on March 16th, 2017 (1-week break)

Spring Term: Thursdays, March 23rdMay 11th, 2017

  • West End SingingWorks Open Class Showcase is scheduled to take place onsite on May 11th, 2017



Winter Term: Thursdays, January 19thMarch 2nd, 2017

March Break: No Class on March 16th or March 23rd, 2017 (2-week break)

Spring Term: Thursdays, March 30th – June 8th, 2017

Spring Break: No class on April 27th, 2017 (1 week break)

  • Dress Rehearsal will be held offsite at Papermill Theatre on Wednesday, June 14th, 2017
  • Annual Theatre Open Class Showcase is scheduled to take place offsite at Papermill Theatre on June 17th, 2017



Winter Term: Thursdays, January 19thMarch 9th, 2017

March Break: No Classes March 16th & 23rd, 2017 (2-week break)

Spring Term: Thursdays, March 30th June 1st, 2017

  • Annual Dance Showcase to be held at Swansea Town Hall Community Centre on Saturday, June 10th, 2017.


RHYTHMWORKS WEST; 2:45 – 3:45 pm

Break: No class October 8th, 2016 (Thanksgiving)

Winter Term: Saturdays, January 7th – March 4th, 2017

Break: No Classes on March 11th or March 18th, 2017

Spring Term Saturdays, April 1stJune 3rd, 2017

Break: No Class on March 25th or May 20th, 2017 (Holidays)

  • Annual Dance Showcase to be held at Swansea Town Hall Community Centre on Saturday, June 10th, 2017.


EXPRESSIONWORKS (Includes Leadership & Self-Advocacy + Creative-Hour Program): Thursdays, 6:30-8:45 pm

ExpressionWorks Thursday Nights Creative-Hour after Leadership Hour – Schedule Winter/Spring Overview:

Express your creative self in these ExpressionWorks Art-Hour Sessions after Leadership-Hour Term 2 & 3

  1. Groove Dance (January 12, 19)
  2. Musical Theatre (January 26,February 2)
  3. Storytelling (February 9, 16)
  4. Clown & Comedy (February 23,March 2nd)
  5. Crafty Arts & Puppetry [Break] (March 16 & 23)
  6. Musical Theatre (March 30, April 6)
  7. Storytelling (April 13, 20)
  8. Independent Living Skills (April 27, *May 4)
  9. *Special 2-hour out-in-the-community session (6:30-8:30pm)
  10. Photography & Art (May 11, 18, 25)
  11. Final Open Class (June 1, 2017)

ExpressionWorks members, families and friends are invited to attend our Open Class on Thursday, June 1st 7:15-8:15 pm. Participants arrive regular class time 6:30 pm




Winter Term: Saturdays, January 7 – March 4, 2017

Break: No class February 8, 2017
Spring Term: Saturdays, March 25 – June 24, 2017 

Break: No class on April 15 or May 20, 2017

  • Open Class Showcase for family and friends will be held onsite on June 24, 2017


Sam’s DramaWay Story!



Many people find the creative arts impactful.

Sam Forbes is a perfect example of this. Sam credits DramaWay for much of the great work that he is doing now out in the community. Check out what he has to say?

Can you believe that someone told him that he’d never be employable? Now he’s not only working but he’s going to be doing a Starbucks Commercial. Sam says “DramaWay has changed my life…and grow my confidence!”

We are honoured to have the opportunity to work with such a talented performer and Advocate!

Sam would also like to encourage everyone to donate to DramaWay’s current Indiegogo campaign.  We have included the link for those interested :



Credit to Morgan Joy for her Puppet Creations used in this photo shoot.

Thanks to Adina Isaacs, Alysha Hunsberger and Yanko Yankof!


Becky Gold doing Thesis on DramaWay!

Our past Volunteer & Staff member Becky Gold is returning to visit DramaWay this month.

Please take a few minutes to review the attached info below, as she is keen to interview participants who are attending any of our DramaWay DramaWorks programs.  If you are interested, please contact her directly.

If our programs have meant anything to you through the years, made a difference in Your Child’s life and/or  simply had any positive impact at all, we encourage you to arrange to have your participant/performer be interviewed.

Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts on DramaWay.



Film about Inclusive Hiring

Hi Everyone

My friend Bandy Yanchyk is a well known Film Maker and Producer and I am excited to share an excited opportunity she told us about. We are  really hoping that you can attend or at least encourage others to go to the screening of her new documentary “Employment Matters” about inclusive hiring which is screening at 10am on Friday, October 14th at the Commffest Global Community Film Festival in Toronto’s St. Lawrence market at the Imagine Cinemas (formerly Rainbow) at 80 Front East Toronto.

“Employment Matters” is a documentary that explores the untapped market and huge potential of the intellectually disabled in the workplace. The documentary was originally made for CBC in 2015.

There will be a discussion after the documentary about inclusive hiring. There will be a Q&A with

Brandy the filmmaker and Ann Marie Mac Dougall, President at LeaderBoom Inc. will also be part of a discussion moderated by  Dini Petty, Professional Broadcaster.

If you know someone else who should be on the panel please let  Brandy know.

We  have attached posters for the screening of my documentary “Employment Matters”. Please

them advertise the event to anyone who you think would want to see a film and discussion about inclusive hiring for people with intellectual disabilities.

Here is a link to see the promo for Employment Matters: https://vimeo.com/132354432

Here is the page with the characters: http://employmentmatterstoo.com/characters

You can purchase tickets at the door or online here: http://www.commffest.com/content/conference-talk-series

We are posting on social media so if you use Twitter, please retweet our posts about the screening.

Her social media accounts are:

Twitter: @brandyyanchyk https://twitter.com/brandyyanchyk

Facebook: /brandy.yanchyk

Instagram: brandy_y_productions

LinkedIn: /brandyyanchyk

GooglePlus: https://plus.google.com/115453134927009942367

Best Wishes


Brandy Y Productions Inc.
Cell: 780 935 9185
Office: 780 454 3889
Email: brandy@brandyyproductions.com
Website: www.BrandyYproductions.com

“The Working Originals” is now online with TELUS Optik Local.

Here is the promo: https://vimeo.com/132055871

Here is the website: http://www.theworkingoriginals.com

Here is the link to watch the series: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLuj3rWl-eKLE7NPw2ThZRf6Z-OhXlnwnu

“The Working Originals” tells the stories of individuals with intellectualdisabilities and how getting a job is changing their lives.

The Working Originals is made possible with a grant from TELUS Optik Local Community Programming and is available for free on demand on TELUS Optik TV.



DramaWay Updates

Welcome Adina Isaacs as our new Office Coordinator. When you read her Bio you’ll notice she’s definitely no stranger to DramaWay and has in fact been working almost the longest with our Artistic Director at ErinoakKids.

Welcome Adina!


DramaWay offers programming once again at ErinoakKids in Mississauga

Here is the link for the Theatre Arts Program DramaWay will be offering in both the Fall of 2016 for 10-weeks and the Winter term of 2017 for 10-weeks:

The DramaWorks Mississauga Program (previously known as ErinoakKids Players)
will be offered from September 2016 to April 2017. Here is the write up for the Program:

Here is the link with the dates and payment details for the DramaWorks Mississauga/EK Players Program:

Must be a past or current client of ErinoakKids to apply.