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Happy World Down Syndrome Day!

A friendly reminder that the segment with our talented Performers Jessica Rotolo and Krystal Nausbaum will air today on CBC The Goods at 2 PM ET.  Tell your friends!  @CBCTheGoods and #CBCTheGoods and @DramaWay and #DramaWay #DramaWayinsta



Dates Hand out to families with BREAKS 2018 jpg

Hot Lunch Jam Dance to Rehearse

Hello DramaWorks Performers:
This is just a reminder to be practicing the Hot Lunch Jam Dance. As mentioned in class, it would be great for you to practice it a couple times every week so that when we start going over it in class again you already know it! Remember the more you practice at home the better it will look on stage in June. Also remember for those of you who are doing the dance seated focus on the upper body portion of the dance only!
The link to access the dance is below, please save and bookmark so you can use the link each time you rehearse.
Have a great end to your week and happy February.

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DramaWorks Update – Check in

Hello DramaWay DramaWorks Families and Performers:
We’d strongly encourage everyone in DramaWorks to work hard on learning your lines OUTSIDE of Program as well as at Program. If you only practise when at class, it’s not likely you will feel confident when performing at our big year end showcase on May 14 (for DramaWorks Mississauga) and June 16 for (DramaWorks A, B, East & West).  Therefore, we ask that you work with your Support Workers/EA’s /Staff at Program or Family Members, to memorize your lines as much as possible. We also still have our dance for Hot Lunch Jam posted previously, so we encourage everyone to learn and work on that weekly. We strongly encourage you to keep learning and practising the dance and lines weekly.
You are likely aware, that our staff feel it’s imperative that our Performers follow-up with at home weekly rehearsals.  Rehearsing outside of class is so necessary and strongly encouraged. We understand and acknowledge that Family members/Caregivers don’t know our specific choreography or the movement sections, but lines are something that everyone can help with as they are clearly outlined in the scripts. Please know that we respect everyone is busy, and that it’s not always realistic to find time in our hectic lives to practise. However, keeping that in mind, this is a gentle reminder that it does indeed help to rehearse assigned lines at least 5 minutes per day or a minimum of 3 times weekly OUTSIDE of Program.  Please do what works for your lives. DramaWay is not meant to bring on stress, but for pure enjoyment and learning.  We know that our particpiants return year after year as they love to perform. Part of performing is putting on the best show possible.  This includes rehearsing when time allows.
For the  Actors who have roles that contain a monologue (group of lines one after another), it does definitely help to memorize and review the lines daily. Otherwise, the monologue sections in particular won’t be as powerful as Danielle will have to Narrate in between. The less she has to Narrate, the more focus there is on the actual Performers themselves.  We want to spotlight everyone’s amazing talent as as possible.
For those playing the role of Lydia Grant/Dance/Musical Theatre Teacher we’d like to give you a few reminders.  This is one of the most coveted roles for this Production; many were hoping to get this role, but you were chosen and selected to play her.  We love this character and want the audience to love her to. We thought it might help if we attached the famous Speech from Fame, so that everyone playing the Lydia Grant character can watch it and get inspired by it.  This is the character we based our Teacher off of. Each person in this role, has had their speech edited and adapted specifically based on how we think s/he may handle it best.  But we may still have to do a few tweaks as we go along. From what we’ve seen in class so far, it’s been going wonderfully and everyone is understanding the emotion this character brings to the table!
We encourage you to do the best to help with the memorization of the lines as much as possible.
Here is the clip to help:
Let us know if you have any questions or concerns.
Program Start Dates

Community Event – some DramaWay Performers to be spotlighted! Come out and Support Motionball.

Please read the attached document for details.

Hope to see you at this wonderful event!


MotionalBall Event

Campaign almost complete!

Happy New year Everyone!

We have been extremely busy maintaining our online Campaign and getting ready for the distribution of our DramaWorks Scripts.

We are attaching the document we gave out and sent out via email with our January Start dates for all the DramaWay programs, Please check to ensure you know when your class/program starts back.

We also wanted to let you know that we are delighted to announce we only have $529 left to raise in our campaign. We encourage you to share the campaign with family and friends as we are finally so close to our goal. We have until January 30th to raise all the funds.

Thanks for your time and consideration.Program 2017 end dates & 2018 start dates – SENT OUT BY HOLLY jan 2018





Weather Alert & New Year Greetings

Environment Canada has issued an extreme cold weather alert for the GTA, with wind chill temperatures expected to dip near -30 Sunday. Please keep yourself warm for sure.

We would like to wish you a Happy New Year and extend to you and your family all our best wishes for a healthy and happy New Year !

We look forward to seeing everyone soon!

Best Regards

Danielle Strnad on behalf of DramaWay Staff

Classes back in action!

Our programs are back in action once again. We will keep you all updated as the Term progresses. Stay up to date by checking in with this Blog weekly if you can.

We have already posted some videos on Facebook, for our DramaWorks performers.

We have not yet posted any RhythmWorks tutorials as we are still developing choreo in class.

Reminder for all other programs to bring a bottle of water weekly to stay hydrated.