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Campaign almost complete!

Happy New year Everyone!

We have been extremely busy maintaining our online Campaign and getting ready for the distribution of our DramaWorks Scripts.

We are attaching the document we gave out and sent out via email with our January Start dates for all the DramaWay programs, Please check to ensure you know when your class/program starts back.

We also wanted to let you know that we are delighted to announce we only have $529 left to raise in our campaign. We encourage you to share the campaign with family and friends as we are finally so close to our goal. We have until January 30th to raise all the funds.

Thanks for your time and consideration.Program 2017 end dates & 2018 start dates – SENT OUT BY HOLLY jan 2018






Campaign Video for DramaWay

Please support and share our DramaWay 2018 Campaign Video.

We appreciate all your support and help spreading the word.

If we can get 500 people to donate just $20 each we will reach our fundraising goal.

Our Indiegogo Campaign is well underway. We have raised $605 so far which is very exciting.  We also have our first Participant Video where our DramaWay performers will be speaking from their own personal experience about how we impact their lives and what they think of the campaign. The below video was created and devised by Jenna Martinuzzi herself who has been with our company for more than 12 years now. Take a look:

https://www.youtube.com/embed/pzo3IMAqjVQ” target=”_blank”>

Hopefully after watching her video you feel inspired to join us in making a difference in these performers lives. Just visit the link below to hear more details about the campaign.


Thanks so much.


New Website for Nicole Flynn


The Rainbow Kid

Hi All

I’m hoping you can help some people make their dream come true. Just wanted to let you all know that our long time volunteer Kire Papputts has his website and branding set up for The Rainbow Kid film. I’m sure most of you know about this project, as we’ve been involved and mentioned in the past. It’s his first narrative feature film. He’s been working on it since 2011 and it’s a continuation of a short he made called Rainbow Connection. 


In case you don’t know what we’re talking about, The Rainbow Kid is a dark coming of age story about Eugene, a young man with Down syndrome, who embarks on a life-changing adventure to find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. 

We’ve attached our poster to give you a better idea of what we’re talking about.


 Currently in preproduction, they are getting ready to shoot in late summer 2014. Right now their focus is getting the word out and creating awareness about this unique and exciting film. 


 Of course, they would love your help in spreading the word. So, how can you help? Check out their website and read their blog (www.therainbowkid.com), join their Facebook group and invite your friends to do the same (www.facebook.com/groups/therainbowkid/), follow them on Twitter @RainbowKidFilm, and share their branding. Share posts with your friends, leave comments, and ask questions. Every little bit helps. 


 They inform us they are trying to do something different and this has made it hard to find funding from the traditional sources. Kire needs your help in making this film the best it can be. They plan to launch an online fundraising campaign in the coming weeks. There will be great perks and a ton of promo material to go along with it.  


Thanks in advance and stay tuned for weekly updates.