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Community Event – some DramaWay Performers to be spotlighted! Come out and Support Motionball.

Please read the attached document for details.

Hope to see you at this wonderful event!


MotionalBall Event


Watch our Finale Celebration choreographed by Morgan Joy for our DramaWorks Performers!

Hello DramaWorks Group A & Group B, DramaWorks East & DramaWorks West:

Please follow and subscribe to our YouTube Channel for resources at home.
We have uploaded our Final Dance Choreo to the 2017 Playlist linked below.

We invite you to attend our upcoming 2017 DramaWay Showcase! Hope to see you there.



It’s that time of year again folks.

The Holiday Season is a time when most like to give back to the community. Please consider putting some of that good cheer and generosity to a project close to home!

My company @DramaWay has launched our yearly @Indiegogo campaign. Funds raised will go towards our many costs for our upcoming Showcase/production which will feature over 100 performers of #AllAbilities. Any little bit you can donate will help us tremendously. It only takes a minute to watch our campaign video and hear from our #performers themselves.

As our performers say “when you donate – we create”.

Special mention to the talented @AdinaIsaacs for the coordinating, filming of this footage and helping with the technical aspects of this campaign.

Additional Shout out to @AlyshaMae and @YankoYankov & @MilaShu for additional footage and support.
@OrinIsaacs for music support

We credit all of our wonderful performers for supporting and helping to make this their campaign with their own words!

Thanks to all who help us spread the word. For those who live out of town or can’t attend our showcase this is perfect way to show your support. I encourage everyone to share even if you can’t donate …maybe someone you know can!

Thanks and Happy Holidays from our DramaWay family to yours.


Last Tango Productions – Opportunity for Performers

For any performers interested in being represented… our friend Doris Powers shared this info about a company called Last Tango Productions.
We ourselves are not familiar with this company, however, she tells us that her son Mickey Power wants to recommend us to Yvonne Valnea, President of Last Tango Productions. This is a publicity &  company offering marketing support in all areas of the music industry with a particular focus on national publicity & radio tracking. Last Tango Productions has been nominated best publicity and/or radio promotions company for five consecutive years at the Canadian Music Week industry awards. Yvonne Valnea has contributed her many years of experience in the music industry as a respected juror for the Juno Awards, Canadian Aboriginal Music Awards, FACTOR, and the Havelock Country Music Showdown. In 2008, she was the first radio promotions person to contribute a column to the music industry magazine FYI, and was the featured radio tracker panelist for events such as Canadian Music Week, Country Music Week, the Ontario Country Music Association, FACTOR, and the Canadian Urban Music Conference.
Yvonne Valnea, Suite 6273, 2100 Bloor St. West, Toronto, Ontario,
Last Tango offers full service promotions across the country including national media coverage, commercial and non-commercial radio tracking, tour support and more. Highly respected in the music industry with numerous nominations and invitations as juror and industry panelist, Last Tango offers affordable yet outstanding exposure for artists and projects at all levels in all genres.

DramaWorks Weekly Class Update

Hello To All DramaWorks Participants & Families/Caregivers


We just wanted to update you as to what’s been going on in class. We are slowly moving into our Audition Time and encouraging all actors to do some homework in between class sessions.

This week we will be speaking with our actors during program about outerspace and we did some explorations around characters that aren’t human such as Swamp Creatures, Aliens etc.  We also discussed the week before about different jobs and careers which inspire certain characters.  We explored with jobs such as









Other Characters discussed and explored were:



Everyone has been really inspired thus far and many actors requested shows/movie suggestions relating to our theme.  Therefore, some of the suggestions that have come forward so far are the following:







We don’t expect everyone to watch all of these, but we do feel that these movies will inspire the upcoming work we are doing and it would help if the participants are familiar with them.

Thanks for your support.

We are excited about moving into our Auditions and encourage everyone to utilize the hand out we gave this week in order to prepare for our casual in-class group auditions in the coming weeks.

Sample Audition Lines for DramaWorks Actors/Performers to Prepare for upcoming In-Class Auditions


DramaWorks Actors are now preparing for auditions. Please be aware we will not be asking actors to audition for a particular Character at this point. We will simply ask that each actor prepares for our group auditions by familiarizing themselves with the lines below. Please help your performer if need be.  If s/he can memorize where possible, that is ideal, but not mandatory.  While working in the group, s/he will then be presented with different emotions throughout the audition process.  Our Staff/Volunteer them will then observe how the actors respond using only these lines.  We will also be working with Status, which our Actors are familiar with. An example of high status would be a King or Queen (Important & very educated) or low status could be a Swamp Monster or Servant.  They may also be asked to respond as if they are in a certain location as well. They are familiar with these terms and this process as we have done this in class a number of times.  The audition process is not meant to be stressful or nerve wracking.  It should be a very smooth and easy process. This is an ongoing process during this term, and ultimately everyone gets assigned a role!


ACTOR A:       Who is it?

ACTOR B:       It’s me!

ACTOR A:       Come closer.

ACTOR B:       I found them.

ACTOR A:       Where were they?

ACTOR B:       (pointing) Over there!

You are invited to take part in Interviews about your DramaWay experiences!


You’re Invited!


Seeking past and present DramaWay performers, staff, and volunteers to participate in interviews about their time and experiences with DramaWay.


Dear past and present DramaWay performers, staff, and volunteers,


My name is Becky Gold and I am a former DramaWay staff member/volunteer. I am currently a second year Master’s student at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver. My research focuses on theatre and disability. For my thesis, I’ve decided to write about DramaWay and plan to explore DramaWay’s history, artistic practices and acknowledge the company’s contribution to Canadian disability theatre.


From October 25-27th, I will be visiting DramaWorks classes at Birch, Scarborough and Swansea, to speak to your class about my project and invite to you participate in interviews in mid-November. There will be no pressure to participate from either Danielle or myself. Participating in these interviews will be entirely voluntary.


I will be handing out consent forms for interested participants to sign and return the following week either in class, or they can be sent to me directly in the pre-addressed, stamped envelope that will be provided.


For any former DramaWay performers or facilitators that would be interested in scheduling an interview but are no longer attending classes, please feel free to send me an email at beckylgold@alumni.ubc.ca, and I will send you a consent form to complete and email back to me.


I look forward to seeing you all in a few weeks!


-Becky Gold



DramaWay to appear on etalk CTV at 7 pm

Our DramaWay performers will be featured on CTV tonight on Etalk at 7 pm with the fabulous Jessi Cruickshank & Sam Forbes a.k.a “TheDancingBarista”!

Hope you can watch it if possible. We are delighted to be featured in this credible way. If you can record or DVR it, that is ideal.  We know many of us will in class sadly at the same time it airs, but the good thing is once it airs, it will be posted up on their website for a short time. Please try to watch if you can.
Looking forward to having such a great program share DramaWay with the world!
Kudos to Canadian Television.
Thanks again to our dear friend Jessi Cruickshank for making this happen.

Share our Showcase Info where you desire!

More details to follow soon, here is a little teaser creating by our fabulous Social Media Director Mila Shu.

Poster by Mila No Show times_Social Media


And if you think that’s cool, you should check out these snapshots of a few of our costumes that have been completed.

Wonder if you can guess which characters will wear these fancy outfits designed and made by Costume Designer Lisa Taylor.