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Program Start Dates

RhythmWorks West Update

You may already know Brooke has been doing a contemporary routine to Bang Bang by Nancy Sinatra. We may be doing a Film Noir theme come the New Year, but we’ll keep you updated.  Our Contemporary routine is going very well.  Again a reminder to let us know if there is a week you’ll be away, as it affects the choreo.

Looking forward to seeing how it all works out.  And don’t forget to save the date June 9th for your RhythmWorks West showcase at Swansea Town Hall. Details to follow in the New Year.

Save $ buy purchasing your Showcase tickets in advance at http://www.dramaway.com

RhythmWorks Tickets in Advance on-line:
Adults $15
Children (Under age 10)  $5 
RhythmWorks Tickets at the Door:
Adults $20
Children (under age 10) $10
DramaWorks tickets in advance on-line:
Adults $20 
Children (under age 10)  $10 $10
DramaWorks Tickets at the door:
Adults $25
Children (under age 10) $15

DramaWay March Break – Spring Break Reminders! Take Note of when your class is NOT running!

Hello DramaWay Families,

Here is a reminder of all the March/Spring Break dates. There will be no class for the following dates please take note and mark your calendars!

Use the time off to rehearse when you can.

Theatre Arts Break

March 13th 2017

DramaWorks Mississauga Breaks

March 13th & April 17th 2017


DramaWorks East Breaks

March 15th & 22nd


SocialWorks Mississauga Breaks

SocialWorks WILL run sessions on March 15th &  22nd in lieu of a Make-Up Dates

  • No SocialWorks on May 18th 2017


SingingWorks Break

March 16th 2017


DramaWorks West Breaks

March 16th , March 23rd & April 27th


RhythmWorks Downtown Breaks

March 16th & March 23rd 2017

RhythmWorks West  Breaks

March 11th, March 18th, March 25th & May 20th 2017

MultiArtWorks Fairlawn Breaks

March 11th , March 18th , April 15th &  May 20th 2017

DramaWorks Group A & DramaWorks Group B



ExpressionWorks Dates Revised PLEASE REVIEW – Corrected info!

  • No class on March 23rd 2017 – This date is reserved for our Make Up class if needed.

PLEASE NOTE: There will in fact be an ExpressionWorks class on March 16th 2017.


  • Clown (March 9, *16) with Guest Artist Joan Barrington of Therapeutic Clowns International!

*Make Up Class for the winter term; if need be is March 23! As of now, there is no class this date unless we have to cancel for some unforseen reason.

Please make note of WEEK BREAK Between Winter and Spring Terms!

ExpressionWorks Term Three- 11 spring sessions

[10 spring sessions include make-up culinary class + 1 closing final class = 11 spring sessions]

The talented team will oversea leadership sessions; rotating Arts-Specialists will lead various 

Art-Hour Workshops/Sessions:

  • Musical Theatre (March 30April 6)
  • Storytelling & Puppetry (April 13, 20)
  • Independent Living Skills (April 27, * May 4)
  • *Special 2-hour out-in-the-community TTC session
  • Musical Improv (May 11, 18)
  • Culinary Arts (May 25, * June 1accounts for Dec. 8make-up)
  • FINAL Open Class (*June 8, 2017)

*ExpressionWorks members, families and friends are invited to attend our Open Class on

Thursday, June 8th from 7:15 – 8:15 pm. Participants arrive at regular class time 6:30 pm.


ActingWorks March Break Camp has been cancelled due to low enrollment.

Sign up today for our Summer ActingWorks Program to avoid missing out.


We invite you to attend our upcoming 2017 DramaWay Showcase! Hope to see you there.



RhythmWorks Dance Showcase 2017

We’d like to invite you to all attend our upcoming RhythmWorks Dance Showcase 2017!

Featuring 20 Dancers of All Abilities our showcase will take place on June 10/2017. Stay tuned for more details.

Choreographed by Brooke Banning & Morgan Joy supported by Jenny Hodgson, Anne McCallum and our Team!


Our Actors make a difference in the Community!

Photo 2014-08-25 12 Lindsey C.jpg

Lindsey Chalmers has been a member of DramaWay for years.  As we enter our campaign season, we’d like to highlight her as one of our outstanding Performers. For those of you who don’t know Lindsey check out all she has accomplished to date.  She’s a stellar lady!

Lindsey has always been an avid athlete beginning with the Caledon Cougars Basketball Team when she was a youngster. In 2007 Lindsey moved with her family to Etobicoke and immediately joined the Etobicoke Stingers Special Olympics Basketball Team and the Etobicoke Eagles Baseball Team. She has participated in countless tournaments throughout these years and has always enjoyed and been proud of the camaraderie and team spirit that these two teams have exuded.


Lindsey graduated from Heydon Park S.S. in June 2013 and was presented with the Edith L. Groves Award for the student demonstrating Determination, Self-Advocacy and Compassion throughout her high school career. She then attended Humber College for two years in the Community Integration Through Co-Operative Education Program followed by one year in The Culinary Skills Program sponsored by Christian Horizons and Humber College.


Lindsey has also had a passion for the arts all her life, beginning with music lessons through the Humber College Community Music Program. She has been part of the Theatre Orangeville Youth Program, DramaWay’s DramaWorks and RhythmWorks Programs at Swansea Town Hall and Centauri Summer Music Theatre Dance Camp where she trained in Hip Hop, musical theatre, ballroom and breakdancing. Besides attending countless musicals over the years, in May 2012, Lindsey acted in a Clearwater Theatre Company production of Seussical the Musical at the Meadowvale Theatre. In 2014, Lindsey was part of a cast of 5 actors with disabilities in a play called Wolf Sounds that ran for two weeks at The Box Theatre in Toronto.


In 2013, Lindsey participated in the Mentorship in Motion project where she created an original painting that has been displayed in art exhibits in Toronto, including at the McMichael Gallery in Kleinburg.


In 2015 Lindsey participated in the Disability/Visability Photography Project held at the Jewish Community Centre in Toronto and her photograph was displayed in their gallery this past February.


Lindsey just got hired this fall by McDonald’s Restaurant and is so excited to start her first paying job using the skills she has acquired through her culinary program.

RhythmWorks Information for all Dancers in RW East and RW West

I’m a RhythmWorks Performer

Thanks kindly for your interest in our Annual Open Class Showcase 2016. Stay tuned for specific details and information for our upcoming 2016 showcase.  We have confirmed the dates of June 8th as our Dress Rehearsal date, and Saturday, June 11th as our Showcase date. Both the dress rehearsal and showcase will take place at Papermill Theatre located at 67 Pottery Road. Our DramaWorks Group A and DramaWorks Group B will rehearse on June 7th while our DramaWorks East/Scarborough as well as both RhythmWorks Downtown & West will rehearse on Wednesday June 8th.  Our DramaWorks West Group will hold their showcase on May 26th at Swansea Town Hall Community Centre in the Rousseau Room.


Groups Date Location Drop-off Pick-up
RhythmWorks Downtown & RhythmWorks West Wednesday,

June 8, 2016

4:30 am 6:30 pm


  • All performers are encouraged to arrive on rehearsal and show day with a dry nut free snack and a labeled bottle of water. Please avoid any latex items.
  • All performers are asked to review the clothing suggestions for costumes. Dancers must arrive for DRESS REHEARSAL and SHOW DATE wearing the set items listed.

RhythmWorks West Dancers

HAIR: Ladies hair should be in a top knot or half top knot (if hair is short).

Male Dancers are asked to wear hair slicked back.


RW West Women: All female dancers must wear black tank top and fitted black shorts/capris.

Footwear: We also encourage they wear a pair of half-shoes from Footloose Dancewear on Bloor or online. Lyrical “half” shoes are strongly recommended, especially if your dancer doesn’t like dancing in bare feet. They can be purchased at Footloose Dancewear on Bloor or online for approx. 10-20 and can be used for years to come!

RW West Men: All male dancers must wear black shorts & a black tank top.

Footwear: Lyrical “half” shoes are strongly recommended, especially if your dancer doesn’t like dancing in bare feet. They can be purchased at Footloose Dancewear on Bloor or line for 10-20 dollars, and can be used for years to come!

RhythmWorks East Dancers

HAIR: All RW East dancers are welcome to wear their own wild hair style of their choosing.


RW Downtown Women: Please wear all black dance tights or tight leggings. We welcome any style that suits your personality.  If they are mesh or lace that works too. We encourage you to wear a fitted black Tank top or a fitted black top in any style you desire that allows for movement.


Footwear: Lyrical “half” shoes are strongly recommended, especially if your dancer doesn’t like dancing in bare feet. They can be purchased for 10-20 dollars online or at your local dance store, and you will be able to use them for years to come! Or if you have Jazz dance shoes you can wear those, otherwise, your best dark dance flat shoes, will have to do.


RW Downtown Men: Please wear dark/black pants with a black T-Shirt (long-sleeve or short sleeve).


Footwear: Lyrical “half” shoes are strongly recommended, especially if your dancer doesn’t like dancing in bare feet. They can be purchased for 10-20 dollars online or at your local dance store, and you will be able to use them for years to come! If purchasing this is not a possibility, please simply arrive wearing dark/black shoes best suited for extreme movement/dancing.


All dancers (men and women) are encouraged to arrive wearing a foundation one shade darker than your natural skin tone on face & neck – parents/guardians please remind dancers that there will be make-up artists present on the day of the show to help them look fabulous! And please advise us in advance if you would prefer that a dancer does not wear make-up.

All performers involved in our showcase at Papermill Theatre must pay close attention to signage upon entering the space to ensure you enter through the correct doors. All actors/dancers must enter through the stage door (Green Room), not the front entrance. Any and all W/C users or those that use a walker are encouraged to enter through the side double doors once securing one of our staff/volunteer helpers ahead of time from the front lobby to assist.



Our Downtown & West RhythmWorks Showcase will occur on Saturday, June 11 at The Papermill Theatre situated at 67 Pottery Road.

Group Date Location Drop-off Pick Up
RhythmWorks West
& RhythmWorks Downtown
June 11 2016
        10:30 am –
Dancers Enter through Green Room/Stage Door
12:45 pm in Greenroom/Stage Door from Outside (Note: those in DramaWorks will be required to return for their show time.  Please review all call times and ensure you plan accordingly arriving on Show date in the correct attire. Those performing in both RhythmWorks & DramaWorks you must review and ensure to plan appropriately. Due to limited space, we encourage dancers to go offsite for their break if possible.

RhythmWorks Downtown Update April 27, 2016

Dear Rhythmworks Familes!
The group has been dancing up a storm in preparation for our live performance on June 11th at Papermill Theatre!  This week we dive into our “Selfie Song.”  Our final piece celebrates our expressive, stylish self.
A reminder to all members to dress up as wacky and glamorously as possible for this week’s photo shot!  Please note that this week’s class may also wonder to the neighbouring park, weather permitting.
Members are invited to take their own selfie shots, but must note that only select photos will be included in our slideshow.  Feel free to email 2 to 3 of your favourite photos to Alanna (dramaway.alanna@gmail.com) during the week following class.  Please don’t email more than 3!  Thank you.
See you Thursday,