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Community Event – some DramaWay Performers to be spotlighted! Come out and Support Motionball.

Please read the attached document for details.

Hope to see you at this wonderful event!


MotionalBall Event


Cardinal Carter Students to Film DramaWay

November 29, 2016

Dear Parents and Guardians/Caregivers & Participants of SingingWorks & Fairlawn MultiArtWorks:

We are excited to share an excellent opportunity that has just been brought to us at DramaWay. A small group of Grade 11 film students from Cardinal Carter Academy for the Arts is interested in filming our SingingWorks Vocal Performance Thursday, Dec 8, 2016 as well as our Fairlawn Multi-ArtWorks Program on Saturday, Dec 10th, 2016. The students are doing a small film project for their school about how art programs like DramaWay benefit individuals with of all abilities, empowering them to push past perceived limitations imposed by society. Similar to the recent TV series “Born This Way”, the focus of their film will be to highlight the outgoing personalities and amazing abilities of our young adults as they pursue their passions and dreams.


The Coordinators of the Project are eager to interview any staff, volunteers, parents and students in the DramaWay programs who are interested in being part of their film. We know some of you may have already spoken to Becky Gold with her recent Thesis project, so we know this may seem to be overdoing it. But it’s our perspective that our performers have rare opportunities to be showcased, so we’d like to offer them chances such as this. We also know Becky’s project only included participants so this is a great way for Family Members and Caregivers to have their input included. If you are interested in taking part, it will only require about 5 minutes of your time. They hope to have you answer a few questions on camera onsite on the dates listed above. Questions will be provided in advance by email prior to Dec 8, 2016.  Please contact Sarah by email no later than Dec 4th if you’d be willing to participate sarahmaraschiello@gmail.com .


Please note their film is only being developed for their school project.  We’d like to be able to showcase this on our website and share via Social media once it’s complete.  They will provide us with one copy which we’ll be permitted to share online.  We hope everyone will agree to take part. For those who attend the programs and prefer to not be filmed, we can still include them in the class, we will simply film around it. Please contact the DramaWay office if you have concerns and for those who prefer NOT to be filmed.  Simply call 416-614-1078 or emailing dramawayoffice@gmail.com


Thanks for helping us bring more awareness to the community. Thank you in advance for your participation.

SongList Order for SingingWorks Vocalists

We have our order solidified now for our December 8th performance at 4:30 pm at Swansea Town Hall.  Enjoy rehearsing when time permits!


I’ll Be Home for Christmas

Sweet City Woman
Superman Song
I will Follow Him
Sprawl II
I Can’t Feel My Face
Get Lucky

Class Updates

ExpressionWorks has been going really well and everyone has really been enjoying the clowning around sessions! A lot of laughter has been had by all. We were glad to be joined by Myke Mazzei last night who was helping us out with filming.

We have also been busy at our DramaWorks sessions the past few weeks. All the classes have now been given the exciting news that we are doing our own production which will be inspired by the classic Cinderella tale. We of course will add our own flavour and style, and everyone has been keen trying out all the different characters. We encourage all our actors to remain open and once audition sheets have been handed out, each person is encouraged to focus on not 1 but 2 characters to focus on as they try out in our upcoming auditions. Details to follow soon.

We are excited to have Alanna Balicki on board once again to adapt our script to suit our DramaWorks program. As always our staff will tweak and edit along the way to ensure it’s suitable for each individual within our groups.

RhythmWorks has also had a great start, and everyone has kept busy movin’& groovin’ with Alanna Balicki and Brooke Banning. We are glad to have Anne McCallum as our Downtown RhythmWorks Support Staff and Jenny Hodgson remains dedicated at our West End program.

We are looking forward to getting a new Placement student on board in the New Year, and we hope you’ll all get to meet her at some point her name is Divya.

We also did our project with Michael from Montage Support Services this week and it went very well. We are glad we were able to help out with his staff training.

SocialWorks will start up October 7th and we are very eager to see how our new partnership at the Sheridan Centre goes. Looking forward to seeing all of our leaders back in action.

SingingWorks has begun rehearsing for our upcoming performance which will take place at St. Olaves Church. That will be an exciting event so stay tuned, we hope some of you can and will attend.

All our DVD’s have been handed out from this years past Showcase and if you have not yet gotten yours which you paid for, please contact our Director Danielle Strnad at 416-614-1078.

SingingWorks Group invited to perform at St. Olave’s Anglican Church on Sunday November 29th! Save the date.

DramaWay SingingWorks Vocalists
perform at
St. Olave’s Anglican Church

We are excited to announce that we have had a request by St. Olaves Church to have our SingingWorks Vocalists perform at their “Christmas Lights” event.
Here are the details:

Sunday, November 29th, at 5:00 pm – “Christmas Lights” – Featuring music, songs and entertainment.

At: St. Olave’s Anglican Church
360 Windermere Avenue, Toronto (1/2 block south of Bloor West)
Parish Hall

The event starts with a Evensong service in the church at 4:00 pm, followed by tea and treats and then the entertainment, at 5:00 pm. The entertainment features festive music, poetry and readings from members of the parish and community groups and is non-spiritual in nature.

The atmosphere is informal and families and friends of those performing are most welcome to attend. There is no admission fee (just a goodwill basket).

Here is the link to the poster and St. Olave’s website http://www.stolaves.ca/201516Slide1.jpg

As of now, we are still assessing if we have enough numbers to run our SingingWorks and other DramaWay classes but it is still early. However, we’d like to plan accordingly and hope that you will too. For those planning to attend SingingWorks, we ask you save this date and plan to attend on this date. Our Fall term will include rehearsing two Holiday songs for this exciting Public Performance. We are delighted to get yet another request from the Community to hear our wonderful vocalists shine and share their talents!

Hope you can make it!

Introducing Helena one of our volunteers from The York School

We are glad to have Helena back supporting DramaWay. This year she has joined us for our DramaWorks program on Tuesday nights.

helene photo

Currently, Helena is a grade 11 Student at the York School. Some of her hobbies include: acting, singing, dancing, sports and reading. During the year Helena is very involved in her schools community. This year she was selected to be a student mentor for middle school students where she leads lessons, and activities for them, as well as she helps plan and organize fundraisers, and activities for the school community. When Helena is not busy during the school year she works at a sleepover camp as a counsellor for young girls.
Overall, Helena very outgoing, caring, passionate dedicated girl and as this is her second year at Drama Way, she is very excited to be back.

Please join us in giving her a warm welcome!

SingingWorks Reminders for October 30th

Just a reminder to all our SingingWorks Vocalists, that tomorrow night will be our rehearsal for our upcoming Video shoot.


* Amelia to bring capo

* Everyone to bring 1-2 coloured shirts so we can choose which one will be best suited for the video shoot. Caroline we know you’ll come wearing yours as you already arranged this with Lara.

* Timely arrival is crucial if possible the next coming weeks.

Thanks again.
Looking forward to also enjoying the Halloween/Fall Celebration in Drama with you all following SingingWorks October 30th.

Danielle & SingingWorks Staff/Volunteer TeamIMG_3767_zps938470e5

SingingWorks Performs at Annual West End Showcase 2014 under direction of Lara Martin & Adam Bailey – Photos by Jorge Figueiredo


























Photo Seet # 2 of West End Multi Arts Showcase 2014 by Jorge Figueiredo


You Love Bruno Mars!? So do we. Our SingingWorks Vocal Group takes on well-known pop and rock tunes in preperation for our Annual West End Showcase!

Wake up little Susie by the Everly brothers
We’ll be sharing links soon for our SingingWorks vocalists to rehearse with, as we are currently working on the following songs:
Bye bye love by Everly brothers
Perfect day by Lou Reid
Roar by KatiePerry
Brave by Sara Bareilles
Yesterday by The Beatles
Royals by Lorde
Young Girls byBruno Mars