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SingingWorks Vocalists – Update – Song List!

Hello SingingWorks Vocalists,

Musician/Songwriter/Local Performer – Mike Evin – Volunteer at DramaWay!

Check out his official video: https://youtu.be/QQxmO5rxMcE

We are delighted to finally be posting this write up about our talented Volunteer Mike Evin. He is a man of many talents and we are proud to share all that he has done. It’s an honour to have someone of his calibre volunteering with our SingingWorks & DramaWorks program.  What a true joy he is to work with! We are happy to have you on board Mike.


The joyous spirit of piano-pop songwriter Mike Evin pulses through his music, uplifting and soulful. He’s earned a devoted following throughout North America, and among some of Canada’s most renowned musicians – like Barenaked Ladies and Ron Sexsmith.


The songs shine through the speakers on Evin’s fifth full-length album, Life As A Lover (released Fall 2015 in Canada) – an ode to finding new love and learning to live with loves past. Tastefully produced by JUNO-nominee Howie Beck (Feist, Walk Off the Earth, Hannah Georgas) in Evin’s current home base of Toronto, the album bounds through exuberant handclaps, funky finger-snaps, ohh la la backups and catchy synth lines.


In 2015, CBC Radio 2 called Evin the next big thing”, and the lead single “Have I Ever Loved?” was among the Top 20 most played songs of 2015 on CBC Sonica. “Al Green” reached #1 on Sirius XM’s The Verge. The video for “Have I Ever Loved?” won hearts with its cast of seniors.


Following the release of his debut album, the always effervescent Barenaked Ladies were so taken by Evin’s energy that they took him under their collective wing and helped produce his second album, I’ll Bring The Stereo. They also introduced Evin to a whole new audience by inviting him to perform on their annual Ships & Dip music cruises.


Evin’s live show, solo or as a duo with drummer Ian MacKay (Basia Bulat), never fails to grab hold of a crowd. Over his travels of living in home-town Montreal, New York, Halifax and Toronto, Evin has shared stages with not only the beaten upright piano he’s toured with but Canadian colleagues such as Barenaked Ladies (twice a featured artist on their Ships & Dip), Sexsmith, Dan Mangan, Sarah Harmer, Royal Wood and Jill Barber. In the Fall of 2015, he and MacKay completed a 30 date tour across Canada and the US. Stay tuned for news on an international release and tour.



SongList Order for SingingWorks Vocalists

We have our order solidified now for our December 8th performance at 4:30 pm at Swansea Town Hall.  Enjoy rehearsing when time permits!


I’ll Be Home for Christmas

Sweet City Woman
Superman Song
I will Follow Him
Sprawl II
I Can’t Feel My Face
Get Lucky

SingingWorks Update

Hey All

Here is an Update on What Our Participants Have Been Up Too in Singing-Works

thus far.
We’ve been playing with a lot of Music and nothing is confirmed yet, but we’re quickly building a strong set list to choose from.

We started off listening to some Canadian Music due to the Sensational Tragically Hip Tour that caught lots of attention this summer. A variety of music from different Genres have been listened too and the group choose to start working on “I Can’t Feel My Face” by Toronto Singer The Weeknd. ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KEI4qSrkPAs ) with lyrics but a differnt key ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ehxXiOgSxhQ ).
There was also a strong group reaction to “Sweet City Woman” which Sean especially enjoyed ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=opgsnSW9NFI ). And the group was also up to try some mellow, Caribbean infused hip-hop with Grand Analog’s “Around This Town” ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=asGNqj8Nfpw
This week David asked to sing “I will Follow Him” ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VPpd-6X3tEo ) and Victor asked to sing Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky” ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HXEJjtBouRA ) , both blew us away!
Amelia has brought us the Lumineers’ “Cleopatra” ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aN5s9N_pTUs ) and we Listened to Crash Test Dummies’ “Superman Song” ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZlPnrgpRGnU ) Caroline and Jason were both instantly attached to it.
We’ve even tried our hand at Arcade Fire’s Sprawl II ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mMVJqHXNUGU ) after Christine and Erin instantly started dancing to it while we were listening to it. It does have a fun beat.
Its early and we will want to try out some more songs, but so far either the group or individuals have shown strong responses to the songs listed and our final themes that are emerging are “following” “heroes” “rebelliousness” and “movement”. If you noticed we started off our Journey looking at Canadian music due to The Tragically Hip but don’t have a song by them, it’s simply because we haven’t found one that really resonates with the group (yet). But so much music has been impactful that we are sure to have one of our best open classes since we did our “Prom Songs” theme.
Interests in songs wax and wane and so this is not the final playlist, we will get one to you.
This is just to give you an idea of where we are and the links can help participants practice any of the songs they like.
Feel free to share links with your Singer.

Attend our SingingWorks Vocalist Year End Showcase!


SingingWorks invites you to attend their upcoming FREE Vocal Performance

SingingWorks Holiday Vocal Performance


Swansea Town Hall

As you may have heard our group is no longer performing at St. Olaves on November 29th. Amelia McAfee-Brunner will be performing as a solo artist at St. Olaves so if anyone would like to go on out to support her the performance begins at 5 pm.

We are still hosting our yearly Holiday Vocal Performance by SingingWorks which is scheduled to take place during our final class of the Fall term. It will take place on
Thursday, December 10th, 2015.

Where: Swansea Town Hall Community Centre in Council Chambers

95 Lavinia (Street Parking & Parking at back)

Vocalists Arrival Time: 3:45 pm (All Vocalists to be dressed in 1970’s outfit)

Performance – Audience entrance time: 4:45 pm – 5:30 pm

This years’ theme is “That 70’s show!” We will have light refreshments available and if you’d like to contribute we ask that you arrive 10 minutes early so we can distribute and arrange all the NUT FREE goodies accordingly. (Please label if your treats have any dairy ingredients). Our vocalists have a fun filled performance ready for you and we can’t wait to share it with you.

All are welcome to attend. Free admission (Cash or cheque donations are always welcome).

Let’s start the Holiday Season off with a festive evening of song and voice!

Update on staffing and volunteers

Hi Everyone:

Once RhythmWorks West resumes tommorrow, all of our classes will be underway. It’s very exciting to have all of our performers back in action and we are delighted to have quite a few new participants with us this term. We still have several spots in
DramaWorks Group A

For those of you who are wondering there are a few staff that aren’t back with us this term.
Lara Martin is still off pursing her other pursuits and her music career in particular. She’s close to completing her album so we are delighted. It’s unlikely at this point that she will return as she has plenty on her plate, but she’s always staying connected with our projects and is always eager to hear about what our SingingWorks group is up to. We wish her all the best.

Morgan Joy is off to school this year, but we’ll luckily likely see her around as she’s attending Humber. We will miss her at DramaWorks & RhythmWorks but we are delighted she is pursuing her goals and we wish her all the best.

We are happy to have our senior staff team Alanna Balicki & Lizz Hodgson supporting me at DramaWorks Downtown and now it’s a great addition to have Anne McCallum as well as Morgan Joy is off at school.

We are excited now to have Alanna putting her GROOVE training to use and all of her experience as our new RhythmWorks Downtown Facilitator this year while Morgan is away.
We are also glad to have Anne McCallum helping as an additional Staff member/Creative Assistant at RhythmWorks & ExpressionWorks with Alanna. We are also delighted to have Anne on board as Volunteer Staff support with our DramaWorks program Downtown and as an additional Staff support at our DramaWorks East/Scarborough program.

It’s excellent to also have Asha Cote & Tony Erlich back in action as supports for our ExpressionWorks downtown, and we are also eager to have Lily & Michael on board as our wonderful volunteers with ExpressionWorks on Thursdays with Susan Anderson.

We are so happy as well to have our York Ladies back with us. Welcome back Sam, Helena, Jenna, Sophie and Ellie!

Christine Duff is still with us on Tuesdays as is Angela. Angela will be off for most of the Fall term due to her work schedule but we are glad to have her back in the Winter hopefully. We are delighted to have these two as our Senior Behavioural Consultants and it’s an honour to have such educated and experienced supports with us.

Jenny Hodgson continues to support Brooke Banning at RhythmWorks West so that’s great news too.

I of course am delighted to still have Adam Bailey, Alysha Hunsberger working together to run SingingWorks while also supporting me at DramaWorks West. We also have Jake Calvo, Tony Erlich & Rachel Greonfeld as Senior volunteers returning once again to DramaWorks West at Swansea Town Hall.

One of our biggest highlights was to see the success Kire Paputts had at TIFF, and despite his success with The Rainbow Kid he has returned as Senior Volunteer Staff to support DramaWorks East in Scarborough. This is a true honour and our participants were elated to have him back.

SocialWorks will be starting October 7th so if you know of anyone in the Mississauga area looking for life skills & independent living skills training through the arts, please send them our way.

Classes are back in action as of today!

Just a reminder that our Fall term starts back today September 17th.
This evening we have the following programs starting back into action:
SingingWorks Vocal Program at Swansea 345-445 pm in Council Chambers
DramaWorks West in Council Chambers 5-6:30 pm
And ExpressionWorks Downtown at 6:30 pm running until 8:45 pm at 30 Birch Avenue.

Our staff and volunteers are keen to see you all once again and meet some of our new friends.
Reminder to bring a bottle of water and a small snack if you’d like for those 2 hour programs. A bottle of water is just fine for the classes that are a shorter duration.
Dry and clean shoes is always preferred.

As a reminder our DramaWorks West DVD’s are not yet ready but will be soon. They are still being reproduced. Can’t wait to watch them, and we are as eager as you are to see the finished project.

We are eager to hear a short highlight from your summer, so plan ahead and think about what you’d like to share with the group.
Our other programs start back next week check our DramaWay website under the Programs page under your Program name to see which class starts on what date.

We hope you are also trying to catch The Rainbow Kid Film this weekend on the 19th at #TIFF. Our Director & Founder has seen it twice, and we are happy to hear it’s getting a lot of recognition!

See you soon!DramaWay logo by Scott Murray

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May 14th – Save the Date to attend our FREE SingingWorks Open Class Presentation

We hope you’ll be able to join us in Council Chambers on Thursday, May 14th for our upcoming Spring SingingWorks Showcase at Swansea Town Hall. More details to follow. You won’t want to miss it.