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Program Start Dates

SocialWorks Update

Hello All!
Last week we had a great session continuing with our creative expression. The past 2 weeks we have been focusing our exercises on concepts such as
-public speaking
-awareness of others
-spacial/surrounding awareness
During the last 30 minutes of class – we took a quick field trip out into the mall for a little scavenger hunt, to practice awareness of surroundings.
This week we will be focusing our exercises and games surrounding the theme of conflict resolution.
We will continue to take this physical-hands creative arts approach as we go through the term – it is a lot of fun for everyone, and hopefully will help to increase confidence and willingness to public speak.
May 31st 2017 will be our bowling excursion at Classic Bowl – Wintson Churchill and Dundas – just 5 minutes from Sheridan Mall in the Starsky’s Plaza. More info coming soon!
We look forward to seeing you all tonight,

SocialWorks Update

Hello All!

We hope you enjoyed your extra-long Easter Break! As a reminder our spring session starts back up today at Youth 180 Merge inside the Sheridan Centre from 6:15-8:15pm.
This term we are going to take a more drama-game based social interaction approach, as many of our returnees have done our life-skills programming for several years. This term we will focus more on social interaction between one another as well as tying in life-skills – but it will not be as academic as in the past.
There will be information on our fun bowling night to follow!
We look forward to seeing you all there!

The Spring Term of SocialWorks starts back up on April 19th/2017

Tonight will be the last class of SocialWorks for the winter term.   
Remember, our Spring term starts back up on April 19th 2017. 
Thus far we unfortunately only have 5 participants enrolled for the Spring semester. This is not an ideal number to run the program going forward. If you have not made payment or do not plan on attending the Spring session, please let Danielle or myself know as soon as possible.
We are planning on having a bowling-night made available to everyone for a small fee (less than $15 a participant) in the Spring. We will make it available to all past and present attendees. Details to follow soon.
We hope to see everyone tomorrow,

DramaWay March Break – Spring Break Reminders! Take Note of when your class is NOT running!

Hello DramaWay Families,

Here is a reminder of all the March/Spring Break dates. There will be no class for the following dates please take note and mark your calendars!

Use the time off to rehearse when you can.

Theatre Arts Break

March 13th 2017

DramaWorks Mississauga Breaks

March 13th & April 17th 2017


DramaWorks East Breaks

March 15th & 22nd


SocialWorks Mississauga Breaks

SocialWorks WILL run sessions on March 15th &  22nd in lieu of a Make-Up Dates

  • No SocialWorks on May 18th 2017


SingingWorks Break

March 16th 2017


DramaWorks West Breaks

March 16th , March 23rd & April 27th


RhythmWorks Downtown Breaks

March 16th & March 23rd 2017

RhythmWorks West  Breaks

March 11th, March 18th, March 25th & May 20th 2017

MultiArtWorks Fairlawn Breaks

March 11th , March 18th , April 15th &  May 20th 2017

DramaWorks Group A & DramaWorks Group B



ExpressionWorks Dates Revised PLEASE REVIEW – Corrected info!

  • No class on March 23rd 2017 – This date is reserved for our Make Up class if needed.

PLEASE NOTE: There will in fact be an ExpressionWorks class on March 16th 2017.


  • Clown (March 9, *16) with Guest Artist Joan Barrington of Therapeutic Clowns International!

*Make Up Class for the winter term; if need be is March 23! As of now, there is no class this date unless we have to cancel for some unforseen reason.

Please make note of WEEK BREAK Between Winter and Spring Terms!

ExpressionWorks Term Three- 11 spring sessions

[10 spring sessions include make-up culinary class + 1 closing final class = 11 spring sessions]

The talented team will oversea leadership sessions; rotating Arts-Specialists will lead various 

Art-Hour Workshops/Sessions:

  • Musical Theatre (March 30April 6)
  • Storytelling & Puppetry (April 13, 20)
  • Independent Living Skills (April 27, * May 4)
  • *Special 2-hour out-in-the-community TTC session
  • Musical Improv (May 11, 18)
  • Culinary Arts (May 25, * June 1accounts for Dec. 8make-up)
  • FINAL Open Class (*June 8, 2017)

*ExpressionWorks members, families and friends are invited to attend our Open Class on

Thursday, June 8th from 7:15 – 8:15 pm. Participants arrive at regular class time 6:30 pm.


ActingWorks March Break Camp has been cancelled due to low enrollment.

Sign up today for our Summer ActingWorks Program to avoid missing out.


SocialWorks back in Action January 4th/2017

Hello SocialWorks Families,

We look forward to having everyone back at SocialWorks tomorrow between 6:15-8:15pm at the Sheridan Centre!
In the fall term overall we covered many topics dealing with personal and interpersonal communication, we looked at things such as:
  • Recognizing good and bad friendships
  • Understanding who we are, and self-affirmation
  • Self-advocacy, being able to speak up and tell people what we want and how we fell
  • Understanding qualities of healthy relationships and people who make us feel safe and or unsafe
  • Conversations, how to continue conversations, how to insert ourselves into conversations
  • Having disagreement and discussions, understanding and processing the word “no” as not always a negative or an attack, but a response that can be explored through a discussion
We would love to hear more feedback from the parents. What are the goals and areas you are looking to approach or start approaching in the upcoming future for your child? What are some of their personal or educational goals that we can maybe explore in class. As many of our clients have been coming back year after year we want to keep it as fresh and as personal as possible, really gearing it and tailoring it to everyone’s needs as much as possible. If you would like it to be a more quality-respite social group, with more games and opportunities to interact and hang out we can definitely work some of that in either allotting time on a weekly basis during program or dedicating once a month to a more social-teen group.
Things we have covered in the past include:
  • Personal hygiene
  • Understanding authority and respect
  • Etiquette
  • Job Interviews and Resumes
  • Community, School and Home Safety
  • Money Smarts (Shopping, Every day use of money)
  • Healthy eating and smart lifestyle choices
  • Cyber & cell-phone safety
We plan on moving forward with these in the winter and spring, but if there is something you’d like us to target specifically for your child – it’s likely if it’s a target for someone it’s just as important for the other, so feel free to share that with me and we will try our best to make it happen!
If you have any other ideas as to how you would like the class to continue or develop feel free to share them with us at any time, we always encourage feedback.We will move forward with 6:15-8:15 for the rest of the year.
Thank you so much for your support, and we look forward to seeing you tomorrow!
Adina & The SocialWorks Team

SocialWorks Update – Nov 2, 2016

Hello SocialWorks Families,

We have finally closed off October with a bang! We hope everyone enjoyed a safe and happy Halloween, like we had in our mini-Halloween celebrations last week! (Remember to check our Instagram and Twitter for photos and updates!)
In October – we focused on topics such as self-awareness, friendships and extending that to healthy relationships and the meaning of respect.
Tomorrow, we will shift our focus and start looking at Goal Setting, the importance of and ways to motivate ourselves. We will set our goals for school, home and SocialWorks and lay out a plan to help us achieve those goals.
Additionally, if families have any additional goals or topics they would like us to cover during the winter session please let us know ASAP so we can work it into our scheduling.
See you all tonight!
Adina & The SocialWorks Team

SocialWorks update for October 12/2016

Last night we had a great night filled with self-esteem building, self-confident and self advocacy! We worked on understanding and complementing ourselves and others in order to build good self-esteem, we did this by our positive affirmation boards which you would have seen taken home last night. Once we have good self-confidence and self-esteem we are better to express the needs and wants to others. There was also a worksheet provided for further building upon this week. We kept it old school this week, so there is no instagram task – but our SocialWorks participants are encouraged to tweet out some self-confident and positive affirmations it would be a great way to keep up the practice! We would just like to send out a reminder to SocialWorks families to make sure the instagram and twitter and being used for relevant SocialWorks purposes and tasks. We also created a positive-affirmation meditation video (soundtrack really, just our voices are heard!) which will be sent home in a link soon.


SocialWorks update – May 2016

Hello SocialWorks Families and Participants!

As you are already likely aware Adina recently put the final touches on all our in-class videos thus far and will be sending out the link shortly! Our Director recently watched these and was blown away.  The work our Participants have been doing is outstanding. Keep up the great work everyone!

Last week, we looked at community safety and awareness, and spent a good portion of the session recapping various concepts we have tackled over the year thus far in small work stations involving a little arts and crafts! Since our group has been working so hard and focused, we did have a little more time for exploration and free chill out at the end – well deserved!

Last night, we looked at summer and warm weather safety considerations.

Once again is there are any concepts/ideas you’d like us to tackle in class next week – please let us know ASAP!

The SocialWorks Team