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Documentary about DramaWay created and produced by Students of Sherdian College


Much thanks to all who supported and helped with this project.

We are excited to have our performers featured in this video, and thankful that Shanise Stewart arranged to have Film/Media students at Sheridan Volunteer to do this corporate video for us as one of their school projects.

We are grateful for this mention and we appreciate all who helped. Unfortunately, due to their limited timing and budget, we only got to feature some of our performers. But it’s an honour regardless.


Summer Nights Tutorial for those playing a male Character in the Play.

Here’s our Rehearsal Tutorial for T-Birds, Eugene, Mr. Lynch & Vince Fontaine.


Extraterrestrial – Sneak Peek!



Here’s a clip from Rhythmworks West’s Extraterrestrial by Katy Perry! We filmed this back in December, hence the Santa hat and bells!

Hey Rhythmworks West dancers!

Here are some videos you can practice with, to prepare for our performance in June!

Intergalactic by the Beastie Boys:

Counting Stars by OneRepublic



Reduce Stress – Emotional Freedom Techniques

This past fall, our staff and volunteers did one of our routine training sessions.
We had the pleasure of doing a short workshop with a Behavioural Consultant named Lee Peipgrass. She informed us of a technique some of us were familiar with, but gave us actual hands on practise. This has become a bit of ritual and routine for us to put into play in our some of our weekly programs at the start of class to ground and focus our performers on the here and now and to prepare for the days work/project.

Basically this technique, works on tapping on meridian points on the body. The technique derived from accupunture and can release energy blockages that cause negative emotions. Sounds far more complex than it is. In simple terms, it’s been a tapping technique that has helped us to focus and let go of our day and helps one to remain present on the here and now. It is something which we are hoping our actors will not only use at DramaWay to focus on the work at hand, but our wish is that it may be a practical tool our performers can take out in the community or home for times when they see fit.

Our staff enjoy practise this in their own personal lives, me especially considering how busy life can be at times. We hope you’ll try it too.

NOTE: We do not claim to have created or developed this in anyway. Credit goes to the original Founder Gary Craig. There of course have been different variations created and put forth, but he’s listed as the original Founder.

Thanks Gary.

Christmas at Rhythmworks West

Dancers rocking out to Mariah Carey’s All I Want For Christmas Is YOU!


I am NOT Invisible by Nicole Flynn

Here’s a short link to a short clip of a project, we are currently working on in MovieWorks West.
Inspired by the original poem written by Nicole Flynn with support of Julianna Armstrong

Thanks to participants of MovieWorks for putting this together with Alanna Balicki & Brooke Banning

Actingworks – Final Day!

More to come!

Here we have James, Lindsey, Elias, and Brendan performing scenes by Canadian playwright Morris Panych. Spotlight on Amelia performing her monologue from Judith Thompson’s I Am Yours.


Continue to check your e-mail for more info about Peanut Butter People auditions and what useful next steps for your performance education and career might be!


Actingworks Intensive: Day Seven

Today Ramin from Toronto Film Extras visited our actors and answered all their questions about the industry. We learned about everything from the film & television union (ACTRA), to hiring stand-ins for stunts as well as specialty music and sports skills. But more importantly, Ramin gave every actor his card and told them to e-mail their headshots/dimensions to him in order to be considered for background work! Of course, working as an extra isn’t exactly glamourous but it’s a first step!

You can learn more about Ramin and Toronto Film Extras at http://www.torontofilmextras.com.

We also finished our choreography for “All That Jazz” from Chicago and began working on choreography for “You Can’t Stop the Beat” from Hairspray. Below is a video of my sister and I performing the dance – for practice, not entertainment purposes, I hope.


The actors have been dancing a lot each day. We do ballet technique, which is important in order to improve and gain awareness of our bodies. We do musical theatre and jazz style choreography, as many of our actors will go on to audition for musical theatre productions (that’s how I started acting and dancing). In the afternoon we do our lyrical/physical theatre, which is the work that will most closely resemble the show I will be devising with my company, Peanut Butter People. The cast for this show will be comprised entirely of actors with special needs. All Actingworks participants automatically receive an audition for this show, if they wish. Auditions will take place at the end of October. More details will be released in early September. For more information, please visit http://peanutbutterpeople.com/?p=236

This is a piece that the Actingworks team has been devising for two days. We will continue to post updated clips throughout the week.