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Hello FAmilies

As you are already aware. We are doing a production inspired by the classic Cinderella story. Our play is called Break Free and was originally written by DramaWay staff Alanna Balicki for our DramaWay DramaWorks group last year. We are adapting and altering it to suit our DramaWorks Mississauga group this year and will perform it at Maja Prentice Theatre on May 15th, 2017.

To get us started for our Production Rehearsals in the New Year, we are sending home this link ahead of time for our two Showcase Dances/Choreographed pieces. You will find these on our DramaWayPrograms page on YouTube for daily at-home rehearsals.

You will recognize our Director who choreographed these, and our Partner Dance will be sampled here by other DramaWay staff.  Our Lana Del Ray pieces will be performed in partners. We have not as of yet, chosen partners as roles have not been cast.  Yet, performers are still encouraged to learn the movements and encouraged to rehearse when possible.  Note for our W/C users or those who will be doing the dances in a seated position; simply focus on the upper body movement and ignore the leg action.






Update Regarding Visit from Becky Gold to DramaWay!

October 25-27Becky is coming to the 3 DramaWorks classes (Downtown, East, and West End) to talk to participants about her thesis project on DramaWay and hand out consent forms to participate in interviews. Completed consent forms will be due the following week in class, or can be mailed to Becky directly, in pre-addressed, stamped envelopes that will be provided.
November 1-3: Staff Member Alysha Hunsberger will collect completed consent forms in class, and will send them to Becky.
November 15-17Becky will then return to the 3 DramaWorks classes (Downtown, East, and West) to conduct interviews with participants that have completed and returned their consent forms.

SingingWorks Update

Hey All

Here is an Update on What Our Participants Have Been Up Too in Singing-Works

thus far.
We’ve been playing with a lot of Music and nothing is confirmed yet, but we’re quickly building a strong set list to choose from.

We started off listening to some Canadian Music due to the Sensational Tragically Hip Tour that caught lots of attention this summer. A variety of music from different Genres have been listened too and the group choose to start working on “I Can’t Feel My Face” by Toronto Singer The Weeknd. ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KEI4qSrkPAs ) with lyrics but a differnt key ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ehxXiOgSxhQ ).
There was also a strong group reaction to “Sweet City Woman” which Sean especially enjoyed ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=opgsnSW9NFI ). And the group was also up to try some mellow, Caribbean infused hip-hop with Grand Analog’s “Around This Town” ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=asGNqj8Nfpw
This week David asked to sing “I will Follow Him” ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VPpd-6X3tEo ) and Victor asked to sing Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky” ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HXEJjtBouRA ) , both blew us away!
Amelia has brought us the Lumineers’ “Cleopatra” ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aN5s9N_pTUs ) and we Listened to Crash Test Dummies’ “Superman Song” ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZlPnrgpRGnU ) Caroline and Jason were both instantly attached to it.
We’ve even tried our hand at Arcade Fire’s Sprawl II ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mMVJqHXNUGU ) after Christine and Erin instantly started dancing to it while we were listening to it. It does have a fun beat.
Its early and we will want to try out some more songs, but so far either the group or individuals have shown strong responses to the songs listed and our final themes that are emerging are “following” “heroes” “rebelliousness” and “movement”. If you noticed we started off our Journey looking at Canadian music due to The Tragically Hip but don’t have a song by them, it’s simply because we haven’t found one that really resonates with the group (yet). But so much music has been impactful that we are sure to have one of our best open classes since we did our “Prom Songs” theme.
Interests in songs wax and wane and so this is not the final playlist, we will get one to you.
This is just to give you an idea of where we are and the links can help participants practice any of the songs they like.
Feel free to share links with your Singer.

Your DramaWay Experiences!

Becky Gold is keen on speaking with any past or current volunteers about their experiences at DramaWay as well as any or all of the DramaWorks participants.  Stay tuned as she will be at classes next week during our Halloween Celebrations so she hopes to speak with you all at that point.


If you have any questions regarding this feel free to call me at 416-614-1078.



Attention DramaWay Families

Hello Families,

We’ve been noticing that some participants are arriving extremely early this year for some of our classes.
To ensure everyone’s safety, we wanted to send you a friendly reminder to have participants show up to program in a timely manner. This would mean maximum 10 minutes before class, with doors to the sessions opening 5 minutes prior to class. Unfortunately, as we work out of rented spaces, we are technically only permitted into the space 15 minutes prior to our class start time. Luckily, most of our Rental Facilities are kind enough to allow us in earlier most days as long as there are no bookings before our class.
As you can imagine our Facilitators need time to consult with our staff/volunteer team prior to class as we review the lessons and do set-up.  We also have a fair bit of clean-up after program as usually nothing is permitted to remain in the space.  We just want to be sure that everyone is safe and if people start arriving 30 mins early, we cannot always promise that our staff will be there to supervise participants.  Therefore, we definitely love when people arrive 5-10 minutes before so we can all get into the program and start on time.  Once the cold weather and winter months, please ensure that clients are bringing a water bottle and a change of clean indoor shoes to program to keep the space clean.
Thanks for your co-operation in this matter.
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SocialWorks update for October 12/2016

Last night we had a great night filled with self-esteem building, self-confident and self advocacy! We worked on understanding and complementing ourselves and others in order to build good self-esteem, we did this by our positive affirmation boards which you would have seen taken home last night. Once we have good self-confidence and self-esteem we are better to express the needs and wants to others. There was also a worksheet provided for further building upon this week. We kept it old school this week, so there is no instagram task – but our SocialWorks participants are encouraged to tweet out some self-confident and positive affirmations it would be a great way to keep up the practice! We would just like to send out a reminder to SocialWorks families to make sure the instagram and twitter and being used for relevant SocialWorks purposes and tasks. We also created a positive-affirmation meditation video (soundtrack really, just our voices are heard!) which will be sent home in a link soon.


DramaWorks Weekly Class Update

Hello To All DramaWorks Participants & Families/Caregivers


We just wanted to update you as to what’s been going on in class. We are slowly moving into our Audition Time and encouraging all actors to do some homework in between class sessions.

This week we will be speaking with our actors during program about outerspace and we did some explorations around characters that aren’t human such as Swamp Creatures, Aliens etc.  We also discussed the week before about different jobs and careers which inspire certain characters.  We explored with jobs such as









Other Characters discussed and explored were:



Everyone has been really inspired thus far and many actors requested shows/movie suggestions relating to our theme.  Therefore, some of the suggestions that have come forward so far are the following:







We don’t expect everyone to watch all of these, but we do feel that these movies will inspire the upcoming work we are doing and it would help if the participants are familiar with them.

Thanks for your support.

We are excited about moving into our Auditions and encourage everyone to utilize the hand out we gave this week in order to prepare for our casual in-class group auditions in the coming weeks.

Sample Audition Lines for DramaWorks Actors/Performers to Prepare for upcoming In-Class Auditions


DramaWorks Actors are now preparing for auditions. Please be aware we will not be asking actors to audition for a particular Character at this point. We will simply ask that each actor prepares for our group auditions by familiarizing themselves with the lines below. Please help your performer if need be.  If s/he can memorize where possible, that is ideal, but not mandatory.  While working in the group, s/he will then be presented with different emotions throughout the audition process.  Our Staff/Volunteer them will then observe how the actors respond using only these lines.  We will also be working with Status, which our Actors are familiar with. An example of high status would be a King or Queen (Important & very educated) or low status could be a Swamp Monster or Servant.  They may also be asked to respond as if they are in a certain location as well. They are familiar with these terms and this process as we have done this in class a number of times.  The audition process is not meant to be stressful or nerve wracking.  It should be a very smooth and easy process. This is an ongoing process during this term, and ultimately everyone gets assigned a role!


ACTOR A:       Who is it?

ACTOR B:       It’s me!

ACTOR A:       Come closer.

ACTOR B:       I found them.

ACTOR A:       Where were they?

ACTOR B:       (pointing) Over there!

You are invited to take part in Interviews about your DramaWay experiences!


You’re Invited!


Seeking past and present DramaWay performers, staff, and volunteers to participate in interviews about their time and experiences with DramaWay.


Dear past and present DramaWay performers, staff, and volunteers,


My name is Becky Gold and I am a former DramaWay staff member/volunteer. I am currently a second year Master’s student at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver. My research focuses on theatre and disability. For my thesis, I’ve decided to write about DramaWay and plan to explore DramaWay’s history, artistic practices and acknowledge the company’s contribution to Canadian disability theatre.


From October 25-27th, I will be visiting DramaWorks classes at Birch, Scarborough and Swansea, to speak to your class about my project and invite to you participate in interviews in mid-November. There will be no pressure to participate from either Danielle or myself. Participating in these interviews will be entirely voluntary.


I will be handing out consent forms for interested participants to sign and return the following week either in class, or they can be sent to me directly in the pre-addressed, stamped envelope that will be provided.


For any former DramaWay performers or facilitators that would be interested in scheduling an interview but are no longer attending classes, please feel free to send me an email at beckylgold@alumni.ubc.ca, and I will send you a consent form to complete and email back to me.


I look forward to seeing you all in a few weeks!


-Becky Gold



Becky Gold doing Thesis on DramaWay!

Our past Volunteer & Staff member Becky Gold is returning to visit DramaWay this month.

Please take a few minutes to review the attached info below, as she is keen to interview participants who are attending any of our DramaWay DramaWorks programs.  If you are interested, please contact her directly.

If our programs have meant anything to you through the years, made a difference in Your Child’s life and/or  simply had any positive impact at all, we encourage you to arrange to have your participant/performer be interviewed.

Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts on DramaWay.