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Tutorials for This is Me – Award Show Gala Extravaganza

Hello Everyone,
Our DramaWay Facilitator/Choreographer Morgan Joy has created three different Tutorial Links for all of you who will be taking part in our Award Show Gala Extravaganza this year.  It is for our This is Me opening number.
                                        Please find below our verbal tutorial links, our real time tutorial link and a seated tutorial link.
Happy Practicing!

Make up Dates – Document!

There have been quite a few make up dates lately.

We have rejigged our Important Dates document so you can all see the Class Make up dates to date.

Take a look for your program. If it’s not here, your class remains on schedule.

Thanks again

Danielle New Make up class schedule


Happy New year – Partnerships abound!

We are excited to be starting off the New Year like Busy Bees. We hope you all had a fabulous Holiday Season.

As you know, our Programs will soon resume and some of our Community Classes are already underway. We have been working hard completing our production scripts and choreography!

We are proud to have our Performer Jenna Martinuzzi recently join Morgan Joy at a TV Project at SickKids, so that’s very exciting. Way to go Jenna and Morgan. We are also planning to have a few more of our Performers appear on that show as well, so stay tuned.

We are also excited to be approached by Female Photography Emily Dick who has been working on a body image guide book called Average Girl: A Guide to Loving Your Body! Check out the write up here for more details, we are hoping some of our female DramaWay participants, will get involved.

Emily Dick is a local Photographer. For the last few years she has been working on a body image guide book called Average Girl: A Guide to Loving Your Body. It is an inspirational self help guide full of facts, information, work sheets and photographs of real girls.

She has interviewed over 80 girls about the critical issues that affect body image. To date, she has photographed nearly 40 women for the project. Her hope is that every girl who opens the book will see someone who looks like them, or who reminds them of themselves.

Her goal is to fully represent women of all types. Specifically, she wants more than just a “token” person who represents persons with a disability, nationality or experience. They want and need more young women to step up and be photographed so we can make this possible.

Specifically, she is looking for young women who have down syndrome and those who have physical disabilities (wheelchair, amputees). She is also looking for more women who have visible scars and who are Indian/Asian.

Emily says “Having these girls involved in my project will help others to feel empowered to love themselves as they are, have a healthy body image and redefine what ideal beauty is. I believe that my project will create conversation about how body image plays a role in the overall health of ALL young women” (eating disorders, mental health, bullying, etc.).

Average Girl Photoshoot Details: White bathing suit or white underwear set to be worn and provided by the participant for photoshoot. The goal is to show the unique and loveliness of each body without having any young woman totally “bare it all.” An example of what the images will look like, can be found here: http://www.loveaverage.com/the-book.html

Where: Most photoshoots take place at Emily’s studio in Burlington, Ontario (720 Guelph Line, Suite 307) but she is willing to travel within the GTA if needed.

What Participants Get: Complimentary makeup (if they would like), complimentary mini photography session (headshots, etc.), and a copy of the book (when published).

Must be willing to sign a model release form/have a parent willing to sign a model release form

Thank you for your time and consideration!


Emily Lauren Dick





MultiArts Poster Fall Showcase 2018 FINAL FINAL

DramaWay Presents their 2018 Annual Creative Arts/Performance Showcase May 14, June 9 & June 16/2018


Video Credit Sam Webster

ExpressionWorks Update

Dear Expression Works Families & Leaders,
We trust everyone had a good week off and is ready for the Music Creation Lab. This is perfect as the week before we went on break we enjoyed our very first Music Creation Lab. The group learned about beats, rhythm and creating music with sounds, actions and symbols. It was very interesting for every member of the group created an action and a corresponding sound with parts of their body as well as a symbol to represent the beat. The group was divided into three smaller groups and created their own song arranging the different symbols, actions and sounds in order as per their choice. At the end of the class each group performed their songs in front of their friends. The other groups that were not performing learned to create a rhythm and used that to help the groups perform to it. Once everyone had performed their musical pieces, the group came together and for the last time played all the sounds and actions using the symbols to create one big piece of music.
It seemed like everyone enjoyed creating music in Acapella style. Hope the enjoyment continues this week too.
Looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow

Motionball Marathon of Sport Event

The Motionball Marathon of Sport event will be held at The Hangar at Downsview.
They apparently have 84 teams of 10 competing in this day long sporting event where each team competes in 7 different sport stations throughout the day and each time is required to raise a minimum of $3k.
The beauty of the event is that they add 1 Special Olympic athlete per team.
The band Superfire are playing at 4 pm during their closing ceremonies for 15 minutes. They have invited all those who competed during this years Motionball Idol to come up on stage to perform the last few songs with them! This means we will have up to 6 DramaWay Performers potentially performing that day along with Jessica Rotolo who will be joining as well as the Winner of the Motionball Idol.
It is not a ticketed event, but you are welcome to swing by and check it out as the event has a great atmosphere with fun activations eveywhere; Djs spinning music and over 100 Special Olympic athletes in attendance. If you need further information it’s best you contact Paul Etherington at the number below as it’s not a DramaWay event, but we love to share info about wonderful events such as this.
Paul Etherington, M.S.M.
p – (416) 481-5630 x231

You are invited to The National Ballet of Canada’s YOU dance Performance on April 21st.

This is to advise you all that we have once again been invited to attend The National Ballet of Canada’s YOU dance performance on Saturday, April 21st for individuals with autism and special needs, and their families.

We were delighted to be asked to attend once National Ballet YOU dance Performance Invitation – April 21, 2018again as we very much enjoyed the Fall performance!

 We have been allotted up to 15 Tickets, so we will need to hear from those interested ASAP before April 7th ideally. Please note we are encouraging those who DID NOT attend the Fall Performance to attend, as it is the same performance repertoire from the Fall. However, for those who don’t mind and would like to return, send us your name and if we do not have enough interest, we can allow you to attend if the numbers permit. But we will not know until April 8th once we have received the numbers.

Performance Details

  • Date: Saturday, April 21st
  • Time: 5:30pm – 6:30pm (doors open 30 minutes prior to the performance)
  • Location: Betty Oliphant Theatre (404 Jarvis Street, Toronto, ON)

 Should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Deanna Galati directly.  Thank you and we look forward to hearing back from you soon.

Deanna Galati
Education and Outreach Intern
The National Ballet of Canada
Phone: 416 345 9686 x 394

To find out more about The National Ballet of Canada’s Education Programs visit

MultiArts Open Class June 2, 2018



Our Town The Tour April 2nd JPEG

Happy World Down Syndrome Day!

A friendly reminder that the segment with our talented Performers Jessica Rotolo and Krystal Nausbaum will air today on CBC The Goods at 2 PM ET.  Tell your friends!  @CBCTheGoods and #CBCTheGoods and @DramaWay and #DramaWay #DramaWayinsta