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Our Director & Founder Danielle Strnad to speak at Artist Educators Training Day at Young Peoples Theatre

Our dear Director & Founder Danielle Strnad is invited to speak at the Artist Educators Training at Young People Theater! It’s an honour to be invited to speak alongside with Morgan Joy!

Call for Registration
Thursday, September 15 & Friday, September 16, 2016


Cleaning of our Storage Unit fun times with Volunteer Jake Calvo

Thanks to Stephanie Marchioni

Jonathan Pendyk, Jake Calvo and Alysha Hunsberger for helping us to re-arrange and organize our Theatre Storage space the other day.  It was fun fooling around once the work was done!


Thanks all!

jake with Alysha

Our DramaWay Friend Jenna Smith is now featured in the Book Reasons to Smile

Thanks to Joanne Reece for sharing the great news about this lovely book Reasons to Smile.

We do not have a copy yet, but we are told that it is now finally available for purchase through Amazon at this link:


Jenna is on pg 24, it’s so exciting to see herself and so many others showcased in such a quality way.



DramaWay to appear on etalk CTV at 7 pm

Our DramaWay performers will be featured on CTV tonight on Etalk at 7 pm with the fabulous Jessi Cruickshank & Sam Forbes a.k.a “TheDancingBarista”!

Hope you can watch it if possible. We are delighted to be featured in this credible way. If you can record or DVR it, that is ideal.  We know many of us will in class sadly at the same time it airs, but the good thing is once it airs, it will be posted up on their website for a short time. Please try to watch if you can.
Looking forward to having such a great program share DramaWay with the world!
Kudos to Canadian Television.
Thanks again to our dear friend Jessi Cruickshank for making this happen.

DramaWay Showcase 2016 Information is Final & Released

Hello Everyone

DramaWay_Showcase 2016_Poster_FOR WEB.jpg


We are delighted to announce that our Showcase posters are now finalized thanks to Mila Shu our Social Media Director. We are now working with our lovely Graphic Designer who is just finishing the final touches for our website page.  We have also created Facebook Pages if you’d like to share on Social Media. The more sharing the better!

We’d love to perform to a sold out house this year!

Here are the important links for you to share with family and friends:

Tickets will be available as of April 10th and possibly April 9th if it is uploaded early enough.

The most important link is attached here, which is for all AUDIENCE members. It’s connected directly to our DramaWay website and should be considered the official link to the big event:


We are also including the link that is JUST FOR PERFORMERS ONLY so that you have that to refer to.  Remember costumes will not be posted here, hard copies have been given out.


Facebook link to our Facebook Book Event for the West End Showcase is here:



Facebook link to our Facebook Event page for the East End Showcase is here:




Fairlawn Neighbourhood Centre -MultiArtWorks

Brooke Banning was getting our group to be groovy and funky this past week at our Multi-ArtWorks program at the Fairlawn Neighbourhood Centre.

Everyone was having fun and enjoyed the active session like always.

Take a look:


Brooke _Fairlawn.jpg

Happy New Year & Thanks to all our Funders & Supporters!

DramaWay 016

Happy New Year All!

We hope this message finds you all well and rested after our Holiday Season. Are you as excited as this young lady is to get back into the groove of things? We hope so.

Well, as most of you have likely seen on our Social Media sites we were quite busy this Holiday season. Between launching and maintaining our  second year of our Indiegogo Fundraising Campaign and running our new Holiday Camp for Kerry’s Place … we had a filled season.  Our Kerry’s Place camp was a huge success and we look forward to offering them some Creative Arts Programming over the March Break.

We have been doing extremely well thus far with our 2016 Indiegogo Campaign and have raised $2920 thus far. This has been exciting for all our participants who keep sharing their excitement with us. Our Staff and Volunteers are delighted as well. With only 21 days left in the campaign we are far from our goal, but we are feeling hopeful that we will get closer to reaching our goal and continue to forge ahead.Thanks to all our our Funders and supporters thus far. Remember even if you can’t contribute financially, you can share as many of our parents such as Dorlene and Doris have done.  This really helps to get the word out!


Reminder to check our website for your class start date under the Program Heading as that is where the most up to date information is placed.  Other areas aren’t always updated by our web designers so continue to check your child’s or your Program Page and ensure you are familiar with any important dates.


It’s also crucial to plan moving forward during the Winter Months to wear indoor shoes to ensure we keep our rental facilities looking wonderful. Thanks for your cooperation.  For all those in DramaWorks, we trust you used the Holiday Season wisely to work on learning and memorizing your lines to the best of your ability.


We look forward to upcoming classes with you all.


Our Indiegogo Campaign is well underway. We have raised $605 so far which is very exciting.  We also have our first Participant Video where our DramaWay performers will be speaking from their own personal experience about how we impact their lives and what they think of the campaign. The below video was created and devised by Jenna Martinuzzi herself who has been with our company for more than 12 years now. Take a look:

https://www.youtube.com/embed/pzo3IMAqjVQ” target=”_blank”>

Hopefully after watching her video you feel inspired to join us in making a difference in these performers lives. Just visit the link below to hear more details about the campaign.


Thanks so much.


Message from Artistic Director & Founder

Hello Everyone

As I get ready to head to the December 3rd event tomorrow, I am feeling grateful and would like to take a few moments to acknowledge some people.

I’d like to thank Jamie Castro and his Committee as well as those at the Abilities Church who have arranged to make this wonderful event happen. I am honoured to have been nominated and chosen for this Exceptional Accessibility Champion Award for Ontario.  Kukos to Jamie Castro and his team for taking the time to consider and honour matters of inclusion and accessibility.  I know a great deal goes into planning such events and I can appreciate and recognize it must have been many hours in the making.

I’d like to congratulate all of the other nominees and winners.I’d also like to acknowledge all of my DramaWay staff and volunteers who have helped support us since 1999.  I also thank all of our DramaWay supporters and funders who have helped to make our programming successful every year. The true reality is I couldn’t do any of this without the support of my friends and in particular my family. Special mention and thanks to my Loving Husband Vince Strnad, my daughter and my Mom and Dad. I am sincerely touched by all those who plan to take time to attend this event to support me. However, I strongly believe the people who deserve this recognition are all of the many talented performers that I get to work with yearly who rarely get to be in the spotlight. I dedicate this award to them!