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Month: February, 2017



We invite you to attend our upcoming 2017 DramaWay Showcase! Hope to see you there.



ExpressionWorks has been a blast!

We are delighted to share some close ups from Snack-time at ExpressionWorks.

Next week we’ll jump to crafty arts, as Joan has offered to return to volunteer with us on March 16th as Bunky the Clown!

We are all also very much looking forward to the Spring Session and the diversity it will bring. You may have heard we are taking on a Team-Teaching approach in this program as we have with many others, so we will have some very exciting news very soon. Stay tuned!





DramaWay to appear on CBC The Good MARCH 3

Sorry to disappoint, but we found out this morning that our segment will not air today but instead on March 3rd at 2 pm on CBC The Goods. We hope you’ll tune in to watch.



RhythmWorks Dance Showcase 2017

We’d like to invite you to all attend our upcoming RhythmWorks Dance Showcase 2017!

Featuring 20 Dancers of All Abilities our showcase will take place on June 10/2017. Stay tuned for more details.

Choreographed by Brooke Banning & Morgan Joy supported by Jenny Hodgson, Anne McCallum and our Team!


Showcase Info!

We are slowly updating our website with all the relevant showcase info.

Please stay tuned for more info.

Save the dates!



Come to our DramaWay Cabaret!

This cabaret will feature all Abilities.There may be spots for those who want to perform but filling up quickly.


We have about 65 seats, so if anyone wants to attend this accessible loft show in support of our showcase, please buy your ticket asap.


Any questions don’t hesitate to call 416-614-1078. All our welcome!

cabaret poster by Adina.jpg

ExpressionWorks Update F

The ExpressionWorks group celebrated their second session of musical theatre with more ‘name that musical’ and the staging of 3 musical revamps.

First, the music group was inspired by “My Fair Lady”; Petra sang a solo, with Liz and Sam on musical accompaniment.  The drama group, supported by Anne and Susan, performed a thrilling rendition of “The Wizard of Oz”; Julian, and both Jordans worked magic in bringing this renowned story to life!  The dance group, supported by Katherine and Divya, brought the fun of “Hairspray” alive with dancing colours and audience participation.

One of the most memorable moments of the evening was singing “Seasons of Love” as a group, while gifting ‘heart’ to each other.

SocialWorks Update

Hello SW Families,

This week we looked at manners and etiquette and it was decided by the group that they are interested in putting together another music video for out topic. We came up with different ways we show manners and etiquette and the importance of them; and started to compile our song: here are the lyrics we have thus far – if everyone wants to come with 4 rhyming lines next week, it would be helpful to piece our song together! ABAB Rhyming scheme.

(Typed out courtesy of Hailey and Daniela)

i only have 1 thing to say

that manners will take you a far way

superman man got thing on

i’ll tell you about manners when i see you today

having manners is key

like coughing in your arm

don’t act like you’re an animal

you’re not raised on a farm

when you’re in a restaurant keep your elbows down

put your napkin in your lap

don’t act like a clown

because if you don’t show manners

you’ll come crashing down

when at the table, don’t be texting on your phone

not only is it rude

it can drop in your soup bowl

… to be continued BRING YOUR LYRICAL STANZA NEXT WEEK! as your homework – attached are our shots for the music video that may inspire your lyrics!p (check your emails this week)