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Month: December, 2013

ActingWork March Break Session

Please be advised and save the dates if possible.

DramaWay has intentions of running another ActingWorks session during the March Break from March 10-14, 2014.

We are currently trying to solidify a location and once we do we will be posting the details. Those interested are encouraged to save the dates.  The program is currently scheduled to run programming from 9 am to 3 pm from Monday to Friday.  We do hope to follow-up on a Summer Camp program as well. Brooke Banning of Peanut Butter People has agreed to be the Head Facilitator of this program once again, so DramaWay is eager to hopefully offer this program once again in partnership with her company providing we find a reasonably priced location. Please email us at dramawaycoordinator@gmail.com to advise us if you would be interested in attending.



Financial Note regarding those who submitted cheques post-dated for January 1st, 2014

Happy New Year to all. We just wanted to advise those of you who had submitted cheques post-dated for January 1st, 2014, that they will be deposited by Friday January 3rd due to the banks being closed on the 1st. Thanks for your understanding.

If you have concerns regarding this please contact us directly by phone at 416-614-1078. Thanks kindly.




Rehearsal Video – Tutorial for Grease Lightening Choreography as done by Morgan Joy

We are excited to attach a link of our Rehearsal Tutorial Video of our Grease Lightening Choreography as Choreographed and led by Morgan Joy.  We encourage all T-Bird characters as well as those playing the Eugene character to rehearse and practice with this link as much as possible. We will of course also work on this in class during our upcoming Winter & Spring sessions but this way, we have provided another source for our performers to do at home rehearsals at their own leisure. Enjoy!

Special thanks to Morgan Joy and Lizz Hodgson for helping to record and upload this video.

MovieWorks Open Class scheduled to take place on Saturday, January 19th, 2014



Hi Everyone

Hoping you are all enjoying your Holiday season. We are  nearing the end of our first term at MovieWorks West with our scheduled FREE Open Class Showcase taking place on Saturday January 18th, 2014.  This will take place at our regular location Swansea Town Hall community Centre at 95 Lavinia Road in Founders Room from 2-2:30 pm.  All are invited and our participants are encouraged to bring NUT FREE goodies/refreshments if they choose.  We will be showing all the completed projects which the group did during the Fall term under the direction of Alanna Balicki with support from Brooke Banning. We will then make the transition to having the group work with Brooke Banning as Head Facilitator for the remainder of the winter/spring term. Mira will be joining us as support staff for the remainder of the term, and we are eager to have her back at our West End location. We will miss Alanna but luckily we’ll see her at all her other DramaWay programs on a weekly basis, so it won’t feel as though she’s gone!




Christmas at Rhythmworks West

Dancers rocking out to Mariah Carey’s All I Want For Christmas Is YOU!


Holiday Update

Hello SocialWorks Families and Participants, 


As you know tonight is the final class for the fall session before the holiday break. We will begin back on the 10th of January. 

Tonight is our mini in-class celebration for our participants and volunteers. Myself along side other volunteers will be supplying a selection of healthy treats, and a fun holiday film for everyone to enjoy. In addition, we will be decorating gingerbread cookies (a selection of regular and gluten free). It is up to the families if you choose to bring an additional snack for everyone to share or for your teen in particular due to dietary restrictions – however we will do as best as we can to accommodate everyone. 

As mentioned in previous weeks, it is likely that in the winter and spring terms we will be moving to St. Mark’s elementary school for the rest of our SocialWorks Programming. The schools main intersection is Erinmills and Burnhamthorpe, programming will be pushed back 30mins and therefore will run from 6-8pm on Friday evenings. Please check back with our blog over the break for more updates. We will be sending out emails, and calling all families to make sure everyone is up to speed before we start back up in January. 


Happy Holidays

Hi Everyone


Everyone here at DramaWay wishes you a safe and happy Holiday season. Enjoy your time off, and we look forward to seeing you all when classes resume. Please check our previous postings listing the accurate start dates etc.

Wishing you all a Happy New Year as well.

Nicole Flynn Acrylics                                                                                                                                   By Nicole Flynn of VisualArtWorks

MovieWorks West & RhythmWorks West Update

As we approach the holidays here is a quick little reminder for our MovieWorks West and RhythmWorks participants… please be reminded this coming Saturday, December 14th is our final class date of the fall term.  We will resume again in January of 2013 as scheduled.

Please note the 14th will be our Holiday Celebration class, and our participants will get a sneak peak at some of the work they have compiled thus far.  As most of our participants will be continuing straight through the winter and the spring term, we are doing our official fall showcase on January 18th! Family and friends will be invited to attend this Open Class where we will have our final fall projects completed and ready to showcase.  We are excited as these projects were done collaboratively with our actors as well as several special guests such as local songwriter and musician Lara Martin and published poet Nicole Flynn.  We have also been grateful to have the talented and experienced Film Maker Lizz Hodgson on board of LA Hodgson Photography, as she’s been helping us to film, edit and compile are Hard to Be Human piece in collaboration with the class. Hard copies of the completed pieces/projects will be given out to all MovieWorks participants at that time. We are thankful for our generous Facilitator Alanna Balicki for all her extra work behind the scenes, and Brooke Banning for her continued weekly support. We look forward to having Brooke Banning take over the reigns after January 18th and having our longtime senior staff member Mira Sivanthri joining us as the Senior Creative Assistant/Support Staff starting on January 25th. Although we’ll miss Alanna, we’ll be seeing her around supporting our other DramaWay projects.

We are also eager to embark on our movie monologue projects which will evolve into a longer project with Brooke and Mira come the New Year. All MW actors are encouraged to work on these monologues over the break so that we have a more successful time filming them during the upcoming sessions in the New Year.


Our RhythmWorks dancers continue working hard to memorize and perfect their choreography with Brooke Banning and we remind all families to reserve the date to attend our Annual Multi Arts Showcase on June 14th, 2014.  Save the date!


Looking for things to do while you stay at home and sit by the fire during this holiday season? Take a look at our DramaWay Gallery on our website or better yet, join our You Tube Channell and watch all of the videos we have posted.  Sit back and relax and enjoy DramaWay in your home.

Chippy chipmunk


I am NOT Invisible by Nicole Flynn

Here’s a short link to a short clip of a project, we are currently working on in MovieWorks West.
Inspired by the original poem written by Nicole Flynn with support of Julianna Armstrong

Thanks to participants of MovieWorks for putting this together with Alanna Balicki & Brooke Banning

Recognizing International Day of Persons with Disabilities – December 3rd

Here’s a short link to a short clip of a project, we are currently working on in MovieWorks West.
Inspired by the original poem written by Nicole Flynn with support of Julianna Armstrong. She did this independant of DramaWay but we are currently working with her as an Artist collaborating with our MovieWorks performers to share this with the world.

Thanks goes to Nicole Flynn and her family as well as to all the participants of MovieWorks West for putting this together with Alanna Balicki & Brooke Banning