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In-Class DramaWorks Auditions 2015

Hi Everyone

Our DramaWorks performers are pumped about our upcoming Auditions which will be running for the next few weeks.

By tonight, everyone will have been given their audition sheets and all have been encouraged to focus on 2 characters as they try out for the different roles. Of course everyone will be given a role as is our DramaWay tradition.

We encourage family and caregivers to help our actors prepare the best they can for the auditions. Notes/instructions are on the top of the page so you have direction and know how to best support them.

If you have any questions feel free to contact our office 416-614-1078.
Much thanks


Class Updates

ExpressionWorks has been going really well and everyone has really been enjoying the clowning around sessions! A lot of laughter has been had by all. We were glad to be joined by Myke Mazzei last night who was helping us out with filming.

We have also been busy at our DramaWorks sessions the past few weeks. All the classes have now been given the exciting news that we are doing our own production which will be inspired by the classic Cinderella tale. We of course will add our own flavour and style, and everyone has been keen trying out all the different characters. We encourage all our actors to remain open and once audition sheets have been handed out, each person is encouraged to focus on not 1 but 2 characters to focus on as they try out in our upcoming auditions. Details to follow soon.

We are excited to have Alanna Balicki on board once again to adapt our script to suit our DramaWorks program. As always our staff will tweak and edit along the way to ensure it’s suitable for each individual within our groups.

RhythmWorks has also had a great start, and everyone has kept busy movin’& groovin’ with Alanna Balicki and Brooke Banning. We are glad to have Anne McCallum as our Downtown RhythmWorks Support Staff and Jenny Hodgson remains dedicated at our West End program.

We are looking forward to getting a new Placement student on board in the New Year, and we hope you’ll all get to meet her at some point her name is Divya.

We also did our project with Michael from Montage Support Services this week and it went very well. We are glad we were able to help out with his staff training.

SocialWorks will start up October 7th and we are very eager to see how our new partnership at the Sheridan Centre goes. Looking forward to seeing all of our leaders back in action.

SingingWorks has begun rehearsing for our upcoming performance which will take place at St. Olaves Church. That will be an exciting event so stay tuned, we hope some of you can and will attend.

All our DVD’s have been handed out from this years past Showcase and if you have not yet gotten yours which you paid for, please contact our Director Danielle Strnad at 416-614-1078.

Update on staffing and volunteers

Hi Everyone:

Once RhythmWorks West resumes tommorrow, all of our classes will be underway. It’s very exciting to have all of our performers back in action and we are delighted to have quite a few new participants with us this term. We still have several spots in
DramaWorks Group A

For those of you who are wondering there are a few staff that aren’t back with us this term.
Lara Martin is still off pursing her other pursuits and her music career in particular. She’s close to completing her album so we are delighted. It’s unlikely at this point that she will return as she has plenty on her plate, but she’s always staying connected with our projects and is always eager to hear about what our SingingWorks group is up to. We wish her all the best.

Morgan Joy is off to school this year, but we’ll luckily likely see her around as she’s attending Humber. We will miss her at DramaWorks & RhythmWorks but we are delighted she is pursuing her goals and we wish her all the best.

We are happy to have our senior staff team Alanna Balicki & Lizz Hodgson supporting me at DramaWorks Downtown and now it’s a great addition to have Anne McCallum as well as Morgan Joy is off at school.

We are excited now to have Alanna putting her GROOVE training to use and all of her experience as our new RhythmWorks Downtown Facilitator this year while Morgan is away.
We are also glad to have Anne McCallum helping as an additional Staff member/Creative Assistant at RhythmWorks & ExpressionWorks with Alanna. We are also delighted to have Anne on board as Volunteer Staff support with our DramaWorks program Downtown and as an additional Staff support at our DramaWorks East/Scarborough program.

It’s excellent to also have Asha Cote & Tony Erlich back in action as supports for our ExpressionWorks downtown, and we are also eager to have Lily & Michael on board as our wonderful volunteers with ExpressionWorks on Thursdays with Susan Anderson.

We are so happy as well to have our York Ladies back with us. Welcome back Sam, Helena, Jenna, Sophie and Ellie!

Christine Duff is still with us on Tuesdays as is Angela. Angela will be off for most of the Fall term due to her work schedule but we are glad to have her back in the Winter hopefully. We are delighted to have these two as our Senior Behavioural Consultants and it’s an honour to have such educated and experienced supports with us.

Jenny Hodgson continues to support Brooke Banning at RhythmWorks West so that’s great news too.

I of course am delighted to still have Adam Bailey, Alysha Hunsberger working together to run SingingWorks while also supporting me at DramaWorks West. We also have Jake Calvo, Tony Erlich & Rachel Greonfeld as Senior volunteers returning once again to DramaWorks West at Swansea Town Hall.

One of our biggest highlights was to see the success Kire Paputts had at TIFF, and despite his success with The Rainbow Kid he has returned as Senior Volunteer Staff to support DramaWorks East in Scarborough. This is a true honour and our participants were elated to have him back.

SocialWorks will be starting October 7th so if you know of anyone in the Mississauga area looking for life skills & independent living skills training through the arts, please send them our way.

Classes are back in action as of today!

Just a reminder that our Fall term starts back today September 17th.
This evening we have the following programs starting back into action:
SingingWorks Vocal Program at Swansea 345-445 pm in Council Chambers
DramaWorks West in Council Chambers 5-6:30 pm
And ExpressionWorks Downtown at 6:30 pm running until 8:45 pm at 30 Birch Avenue.

Our staff and volunteers are keen to see you all once again and meet some of our new friends.
Reminder to bring a bottle of water and a small snack if you’d like for those 2 hour programs. A bottle of water is just fine for the classes that are a shorter duration.
Dry and clean shoes is always preferred.

As a reminder our DramaWorks West DVD’s are not yet ready but will be soon. They are still being reproduced. Can’t wait to watch them, and we are as eager as you are to see the finished project.

We are eager to hear a short highlight from your summer, so plan ahead and think about what you’d like to share with the group.
Our other programs start back next week check our DramaWay website under the Programs page under your Program name to see which class starts on what date.

We hope you are also trying to catch The Rainbow Kid Film this weekend on the 19th at #TIFF. Our Director & Founder has seen it twice, and we are happy to hear it’s getting a lot of recognition!

See you soon!DramaWay logo by Scott Murray

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DramaWorks & RhythmWorks East End Multi Arts Open Class Showcase was a big Success!

Thanks to all who came out last night and on June 9th to support our Annual Multi Arts East End Open Class Showcase~! Our performers blew our audiences away and we appreciate all your support.
Hope to see you at camp and if not, definitely in the Fall.
All the best.

Our Annual Multi Arts Open Class showcase 2015 has finally arrived!

We encourage all DramaWay performers to check and review this schedule for our schedule and specific times for arrival tommorrow June 9th and on Wednesday June 10th.
Please ensure you are aware of your times and what you need to arrive wearing. Also don’t forget your dry nut free snack and water.
Please avoid any other drinks as they may spill and dirty costume pieces.
We look forward to having you showcase your many talents and we know the audience will love you. You have all worked hard towards this big day.
Thanks for all your efforts.


Looking for a Respite/Pesonal Support Worker? DramaWay can refer you to some great ones.

As you are aware, we have a lot of senior staff available who do Support Work/Respite Work privately outside of program time. If you are interested let us know. Amongst them, is our friend and staff member Adam, who is keen to work with a few more people.

Adam Bailey has been an Arts Facilitator with DramaWay for the past five years where he has gained a great deal of hands on experience. His love of Assisting and Directing drives him to support individuals of all abilities with special needs to reach their potential. As an after-school Drama Facilitator as well as a weekly Arts Facilitator he has been trained in First Aid and the relevant background checks. When Adam is not teaching, he spends his time as a Playwright and Director engaging in many projects across the GTA. He is looking to extend his support work aiming to secure some private clients that may be interested in having him as their Personal Support Worker. He would be interested in supporting clients with one-on-one drama/theatre time, help with homework, or assistance in daily living activities such as shopping and developing life skills or enhancing hygiene habits. If you would like to find out about possible availabilities please contact Adam at stillyourfriend@gmail.com and he will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

Candice Doherty, Actor and Dancer helps DramaWay as Social Media Associate. Thanks Candice


CORRECTED LINKS for purchasing Showcase 2015 tickets

Families we are working on getting these inserted into our website, and have already posted on our Social Media sites for your convenience, but just in case you can’t access those here they are again. We find it safest to copy the link and post it into your browser:

This is the link for our WEST END SHOWCASE on May 28th:

Below is the link for the East End PAPERMILL SHOWCASE on June 9th and 19th:

Reminder, it’s best to purchase ahead as if you wait until show day, there are no guarentees that your seats will be reserved.


BUY YOUR SHOWCASE TICKETS TODAY for our DramaWay Annual Multi Arts Showcase 2015 Annul

​Click on the links below to make sure you don’t miss out on saving your seat to our year end Showcase 2015.