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Month: May, 2014

Videos to rehearsal RhythmWorks East Dances. Please watch as much as you can.


Bollywoood – Turn the Music Up

Turn the Music Up – Bollywood TUTORIAL


Jazz – Get Lucky

Get Lucky – Jazz TUTORIAL


Jazz – 1234

1234 – Jazz TUTORIAL


Hip-Hop – Move Your Body

Move Your Body – Hiphop TUTORIAL


Hip-Hop – The Walker

The Walker – Hiphop TUTORIAL



RhythmWorks Play list for 2014 dances

Dance Tutorials for RhythmWorks East dancers

Here are the links for all our dances. Bollywoood – Turn the Music Up Turn the Music Up – Bollywood TUTORIAL

Jazz – Get Lucky Get Lucky – Jazz TUTORIAL Jazz – 1234 1234 – Jazz TUTORIAL Hip-Hop – Move Your Body Move Your Body – Hiphop TUTORIAL Hip-Hop – The Walker The Walker – Hiphop TUTORIAL

SocialWorks Location Reminder

Hello Familes,

Just a reminder that tomorrow is our 2nd last session at SocialWorks!!! As a reminder today (May 23rd) and June 6th we will be at our old location at Streetsville United Church.

Please meet the group at the BACK of the building, we will be rehearsing for our final performance in Heritage Hall from 5:30-8:30.


You should have all received invitations last week, as a reminder there is NO CLASS ON MAY 30TH, however on June 6th families are invited to our final class from 7:45-8:30pm once again in Heritage Hall at Streetsville United Church. Participants are asked to be there for 5:30. There is no obligation, however if you’d like to, you are welcome to bring some nut-free snacks to share with the group and other families during our final presentation and short mingling period afterward.



See you all toNIGHT!

Adina & The SocialWorks Crew.

RhythmWorks Info for Dancers for Dress Rehearsal and Show date

RW dancer info-page-001 (2) page 2 dancer info

You are invited to attend our VisualArtWorks showcase here’s your invite!

VW Open Class June 18 VW PRISM Open Class Invite jpg


West End Dress Rehearsal this Thursday, May 22 at Swansea 3:30 – 6:30 pm

All SingingWorks & DramaWorks West performers are asked to arrive at Swansea this week for 3:30 pm in proper show attire as listed on website. Pick up will be for 6:30 pm.

All are asked to bring nut free snacks & water to drink. Breaks will occur throughout the session.

We want to run the show as if it’s the 29th, so thus why both classes will be combined on that date.

No make up required this week.

If you have any questions or for some reason cannot make this time frame, please email us at dramawayoffice@gmail.com or call us at 416-614-1078 we appreciate your co-operation and understanding. It helps when all can attend as we can run the dress rehearsal in a relaxing manner.


Much thanks

Danielle & Team


SocialWorks still on tonight May 16th, 2014 hope you can all attend as scheduled despite the Long Weekend.

As advertised classes are still running tonight. If you are still in town, we are hoping you can all still attend.

If not please email us at dramawayoffice@gmail.com or dramawayadina@gmail.com or call Adina to let her know if you are able.



Judith Thompson does yet another show


Hello DramaWay Families and Participants,

We hope this e-mail finds you well and enjoying the long weekend!

As always, we like to share information often about similiar projects to ours, and we thought we’d bring to your attention  a new and upcoming show by Judith Thompson called “Borne” which will hit the stages on July 1st. This show follows the story of individuals with spinal chord injuries who use mobility devices. Many of us had the opportunity to see several of Judith’s production and one of our favourite’s was her recent production of  “Rare” last year, which featured 5 of our DramaWay alumni! Exciting to see our actors hit the stage!

This new show “Borne” is looking for stage hands and volunteers of all abilities! If you would be interested feel free to contact Mica White at mica@uoguelph.ca. In addition to volunteers, “Borne” is also accepting any willing monetary donations to help run a smooth and professional production.  We know the many costs involved so we can appreciate their efforts.

Judith, her full production team, as well as the actors do a stellar job of regaining and retelling narratives of the the community in ways which many of us may have never experienced. Her work and actors are intimate and passionate about their stories and their cause, and thus give the community new meanings and new perspectives on individuals of varying abilities. Our very own Brooke Banning is now also currently doing an upcoming project which she hopes will garnish attention and support. We wish her all the best in this.

We encourage our DramaWay performers to get involved as we know that they’ll continue to stay dedicated to remaining with our DramaWay family despite other pursuits.

We too are extremely proud of our upcoming showcases and hope to have as many out to see our work as possible!


West End Cast Party Arranged by Parent Volunteers – contributions are encouraged and welcome!

A couple parents have taken on the task of arranging a West End Cast Party for our West End Performers & Families at Swansea.

They are looking for any parents of our West End Performers that may be willing to contribute a salad or dessert to the evening of May 29th.  It will be from 6:30 – 7:30 pm downstairs after our show.

(Show may go even longer than 6:30 pm but we hope it will be done as close to that as possible).

Grease Cast Party Details WestDramaWorks West End Showcase Party Flyer


We are grateful that parents have taken this event and task on, as we no longer host Cast Parties. But this is exciting to think that everyone is coming together to arrange this. We look forward to seeing everyone after we do our clean up upstairs.