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Month: August, 2015

SingingWorks Group invited to perform at St. Olave’s Anglican Church on Sunday November 29th! Save the date.

DramaWay SingingWorks Vocalists
perform at
St. Olave’s Anglican Church

We are excited to announce that we have had a request by St. Olaves Church to have our SingingWorks Vocalists perform at their “Christmas Lights” event.
Here are the details:

Sunday, November 29th, at 5:00 pm – “Christmas Lights” – Featuring music, songs and entertainment.

At: St. Olave’s Anglican Church
360 Windermere Avenue, Toronto (1/2 block south of Bloor West)
Parish Hall

The event starts with a Evensong service in the church at 4:00 pm, followed by tea and treats and then the entertainment, at 5:00 pm. The entertainment features festive music, poetry and readings from members of the parish and community groups and is non-spiritual in nature.

The atmosphere is informal and families and friends of those performing are most welcome to attend. There is no admission fee (just a goodwill basket).

Here is the link to the poster and St. Olave’s website http://www.stolaves.ca/201516Slide1.jpg

As of now, we are still assessing if we have enough numbers to run our SingingWorks and other DramaWay classes but it is still early. However, we’d like to plan accordingly and hope that you will too. For those planning to attend SingingWorks, we ask you save this date and plan to attend on this date. Our Fall term will include rehearsing two Holiday songs for this exciting Public Performance. We are delighted to get yet another request from the Community to hear our wonderful vocalists shine and share their talents!

Hope you can make it!


Special mention and a big thank you to our Volunteer Patricia Parker for her wonderful photos

We’d like to credit and thank Patricia Parker for her time recently coming in to take our Summer Nights Shots as well as hold a Photo shoot with all of our ActingWorks Performers. Here are some shots of what came out of the recent ActingWorks Head Shot session.


Photo 2015-08-25 10 12 40 AM

Photo 2015-08-25 10 30 01 AM

Photo 2015-08-25 10 30 17 AM

Photo 2015-08-25 10 34 27 AM (1)

Photo 2015-08-25 10 34 27 AM

Photo 2015-08-25 10 36 36 AM

Photo 2015-08-25 10 38 37 AM

Photo 2015-08-25 10 41 36 AM

Photo 2015-08-25 10 46 22 AM

Photo 2015-08-25 10 49 34 AM (1)

Photo 2015-08-25 10 49 34 AM

Photo 2015-08-25 10 53 10 AM (1)

Also we’d like to thank once again Brooke Banning of Peanut Butter People for Director and supporting this program once again. We value all your time and support. We also thank Anna Roberts & Asha Cote for their volunteer support as well as all of the Special Guests we had visit through the past two weeks.

Photo 2015-08-25 10 55 26 AM

Photo 2015-08-25 10 59 15 AM

Photo 2015-08-25 10 59 42 AM

ActingWorks Update & Summer Happenings

We were excited to be joined by one new Performer this week. Glad to have you on board Sabrina.
The group loved working on Singing in the rain and I’m told they had a lot of fun. Brooke managed to work her magic and she got her hands on a bunch of yellow umbrellas so the piece looked amazing. Thanks Brooke.

We had to reschedule our Photo shoot with Patricia for today, so I look forward to hearing the update as to how the Head shot session went.

Brooke also handed out scenes for everyone to work on. Each actor seemed delighted with their role they were assigned. We are disappointed to hear that two of our performers will be away Friday, so we’ll miss them, but glad they got to take part in the majority of the program.

Today’s schedule will go as follows:

Voice warm-up
“My Favourite Things” vocal
“Crave” collective creation
Scene studies – begin work on blocking
Playwriting – character development

On Wednesday of this week the group will plan to work on:

Vocal warm-up
Rehearse vocals to Wouldn’t It be Loverly
Develop more Playwriting skills by writing the beginning of a story incorporating a who, what, when, where & why, so the creative juices will be flowing no doubt!
They will also continue their scene studies. After lunch they will work on their dance Macavity, the mystery cat followed by more Playwriting.They will discuss the middle of the story and what is the conflict in the story as well as explore more with their Monologues.

So lots to come before our program comes to an end this Friday. Lots of endings this week but that’s only a beginning to another journey, so well done to all those taking part in our programs this week.

We also say Good-bye to those who have been attending our 8-week KPAS Creative Arts Camp in the East End as well as this evening we will hold our FREE Open Class Showcase for our Summer Nights program at 30 Birch Avenue at 7:15 pm. Cash donations are welcome to help us continue supporting such programs.

Hope to see you there.

ActingWorks update August 18th

Class went well today. The group missed our dear friend Sam, but look forward to seeing him back tomorrow. Anne Page, the Actress came and she performed a monologue, which was a lot of fun. She even left scenes for us to work on that the group will look at tomorrow. It’s nice to hear that our actors are talking about the program at home too! Glad it’s being enjoyed by all. When visiting the group today, I enjoyed hearing Amelia playing beautiful music on the guitar. I was also told Amelia is working on a Russian accent for her monologue so this is something we won’t want to miss. Thanks to Jake for volunteering to do some research regarding Russian accents, the group looks forwards to hearing about his findings tomorrow.

We are already into Day 3 and we look forward to doing the following:

Start the day off with a Vocal warm-up, followed by reading the scenes that Actress Anne Page left for us. We will then move into finishing up our Legally Blonde Dance.
The remainder of our day will be spent working on monologues with emphasis on memorization, conduct character interviews, work on characters’ physicality while we will also answer a character questionnaire.
We will then be visited by Lizz Hodgson who will talk to us about casting and Directing.
We will then finish off the day with an object exercise, while also get into further Scene Studies, and continue to develop “Crave” our Collective Creation.
We also look forward to doing our headshots later in the week with Patricia Parker.

Much work ahead but it’s all enjoyable.
Well done performers. Keep up the hard work.

Thanks also to Anna Roberts for volunteering to support us during the lunch hour. We look forward to Asha Cote and her support next week as well.

ActingWorks brings award winning Actors, Directors & Filmmakers to Swansea Town Hall!

We are excited and proud to announce our ActingWorks program will run again this summer, commencing on August 17th. Led by Brooke Banning of Peanut Butter People, our ActingWorks program will be visited by several Guest Artists and members from the Entertainment & Film Industry. This will be an exciting opportunity for our performers who will be attending as they will get to meet professionals currently working in the industry and hear their stories first hand.

We are excited to have Actor & Teacher Kevin Kashani visiting on August 27 at 1 pm to perform and share his training and experience as an Actor, Director and Drama Instructor. He is a graduate of the University of Toronto Drama Centre, where he was employed for two years as a peer coach, assisting practical students with their work. He has been involved in numerous theatre projects where he had the opportunity to work as both an actor and a performance dramaturge, and he continues to pursue his love of both acting and teaching! His theatre credits include: “The Djinns of Eidgah” (Hamilton Fringe Festival), “End-Stage Protest” (InspiraTO theatre Carousel), “Devices” (New Ideas Festival), “The…Musician: An Étude” (Theatrus/Toronto Laboratory Theatre), “Far Away” (Bad Dress Productions), “Rhyme, Reason or Otherwise” (Hart House Players)
Kevin Kashani

We have also arranged for Lizz Hodgson Director, Producer and Writer to come and speak with the group on August 19th at 1 pm regarding Casting. Lizz brings with her extensive experience working in this field. She has worked as a Casting Assistant for a Toronto Casting Agency and has casted actors in TV shows and films such as Heretics, Defiance, Bomb Girls, Lost Girl, Call Me Fitz and the feature film Cottage Country. Our performers should come prepared with questions about casting on this date.

The excitement will continue the following day on August 20 when our Volunteer Patricia Parker comes in to do Acting head shots for all our performers at 10:30 am. We encourage everyone to dress accordingly and Brooke will advise you if you need any wardrobe suggestions. Here’s a few shots of her past Photo shoot with our performers.
Kathryn in colour

We are also honoured to have Kire Paputts Director & Producer of upcoming feature film to be shown at TIFF called The Rainbow Kid. He will be in on August 21st at 1 pm to speak with the group and answer any questions about directing a feature film and how he casts etc.
Kire Paputts: Bio

Kire Paputts is an award winning producer/director who has experience in an array of film/video industry roles. A Ryerson University Film Program graduate, he currently works in both the creative and corporate side of the industry. As a writer/director, Kire has made a name for himself with short and feature length films that have played around the world at such prestigious film festivals as the Toronto International Film Festival, SXSW, Vancouver International Film Festival and The Edinburgh International Film Festival. With a background in both narrative and documentary filmmaking, Kire has worked on numerous projects of multiple formats and lengths as a producer/director/editor. For more info please visit http://www.kirepaputts.com
Kire-Paputts-headshot (2)

Actress Anne Page will also be visiting and talking about her experience an actor but she has yet to confirm the time so stay tuned.

Anne’s acting career started in 1986 at the University of Waterloo and, after receiving her diploma in Performance Studies from Ryerson Theatre School, she worked as an actor in television, film and theatre throughout Canada. Prior to a hiatus from the entertainment industry, recent theatre work included “Taking Liberties”, “Conservatives in Love” (both by Dave Carley), a year with Mysteriously Yours Dinner Theatre, “Medici Slot Machine” (Sue Miner, Pea Green Theatre) and “Orchidelirium” (Sue Miner, Pea Green/Theatre Voce Co-production). Previously, she had co-founded and co-produced Toronto’s critically acclaimed Theatre Voce, which received a total of 13 Dora Mavor Moore Award nominations for its beautiful and courageous productions. Film and television credits include “Murphy’s Law”, a Canadian Film Centre pilot project, “After Hours”, a CTV late night comedy show (for which she was nominated Canada’s Funniest Female), “Our Great Lakes”, a TVO documentary and “Due South” an Alliance prime time dramatic series. Anne has been performing her most challenging role for the past 5 years, mom to Jack (5) and Evelyn (3).
Anne head shot

We are also excited to be supported by first time volunteer Sarah Seddig week 1 of camp. She looks forward to learning from our performers and supporting the group in any way possible.

Registration forms for Returning Participants Attached for 2015-2016 Year Round Programming – Enroll today

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Website Update – Under Construction

As you may have noticed our website has the old information as we are in between service providers.
We will hopefully have it up and running.
In the mean time, please contact us via email if you have any questions dramawayoffice@gmail.com
Our programs will be back in action starting in September and we look forward to seeing you all back at that time.
Please do not delay if you intend to enroll, we need a minimum of 11 to start a class, so don’t assume we know you are returning. We only consider you returning when we have a registration form and payment in hand.
Thanks for your consideration.