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Month: December, 2014

Our friend and DramaWay Actor Dariush Yan Zarrabi was nominated for an Abilities award. Woo hoo

Words from Jahmeelah Gamble who selected and voted for Dariush Yan Zarrabi at the Abilities Award.
We are so proud of you buddy for getting nominated. Way to go all your friends are so happy for you here at DramaWay.

Dariush with Justin Hines at Abilities Awards

‘When I came across the Abilities Awards nominations, it didn’t take me long to think of who I should vote for. In the category of the Arts, I imagined the nominee/winner being someone full of life, charisma, bravery, and also an inspiration to others. Dariush Yan Zarrabi without a doubt is that man. He is a charming Prince with an infectious personality, more charming than my own fiancĂ© and a gifted story teller. I nominated him because I felt he was deserving of such a prestigious award and that other individuals who have a disability could be motivated to accomplish just as much as Dariush.
I continue to be amazed at the spirit within Dariush and believe his story is just beginning. Like in every fairytale, a Prince becomes a King and that is a story I can’t wait to read.

Congratulations on your 2014 Abilities Award Nomination, Dariush!’

Jahmeelah Gamble DSW/ERF
Producer/Host of A Voice For All Rogers TV Peel
Founder – Ms.Jam’s



Our festive ExpressionWorks evening was a great success, full of stretching, costumes, music, baking and crafting! We did it all.

We welcomed our new friend and Support Volunteer Alona for the first time tonight. We were excited to have her dancing experience during our stretching warm up. Sophia led a fun partner stretch. We thank Julian for asking our stretch leaders how many stretches they will lead politely and professionally.

We continued with our communication circle to read our cookie recipe aloud with clarity, supporting our fellow leaders with thumbs up or down.

Our three teams managed the oven, batter creation and preparation on trays for oven.

A special thank you to Laura, Devon, Anna and Alanna-Stephanie for using the oven safety. We faced some kitchen fears together as a team and learned we can be safe using oven gloves and awareness of space. A big thanks to our dough-mixing group under the guidance of Gwen and Alex for using the hand blender too.

Jeffrey brought in his camp album to share some of his favourite memories. We also thank him for his help completing our 5-food group worksheet and naming “egg” as a protein!

We hope everyone enjoyed our cookies and found a friend to gift our second treat to.

Wishing everyone a very happy holiday break!

Hoping everyone enjoyed our final culinary arts week; looking forward to our dance sessions in the new year!

See everyone back on January 8th.

Please remember your indoor shoes, Expressionwork’s folder and water bottle upon your return.

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