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ExpressionWorks Update – Nov 21/2017

Last week was great as we had two former ExpressionWorks friends back in action with us…. Alanna Balicki and Jordan Power. Alanna was delighted to see some of our old friends and meet new friends as well.  Everyone had a go at leading Stretches. News was engaging and everyone loved sharing updates and practise communicating.
The last hour included multi arts where participants loved our Clown Workshop were encouraged to draw a picture of their clown’s birth place and then talked about it in front of the group.


Happy New Year & Thanks to all our Funders & Supporters!

DramaWay 016

Happy New Year All!

We hope this message finds you all well and rested after our Holiday Season. Are you as excited as this young lady is to get back into the groove of things? We hope so.

Well, as most of you have likely seen on our Social Media sites we were quite busy this Holiday season. Between launching and maintaining our  second year of our Indiegogo Fundraising Campaign and running our new Holiday Camp for Kerry’s Place … we had a filled season.  Our Kerry’s Place camp was a huge success and we look forward to offering them some Creative Arts Programming over the March Break.

We have been doing extremely well thus far with our 2016 Indiegogo Campaign and have raised $2920 thus far. This has been exciting for all our participants who keep sharing their excitement with us. Our Staff and Volunteers are delighted as well. With only 21 days left in the campaign we are far from our goal, but we are feeling hopeful that we will get closer to reaching our goal and continue to forge ahead.Thanks to all our our Funders and supporters thus far. Remember even if you can’t contribute financially, you can share as many of our parents such as Dorlene and Doris have done.  This really helps to get the word out!


Reminder to check our website for your class start date under the Program Heading as that is where the most up to date information is placed.  Other areas aren’t always updated by our web designers so continue to check your child’s or your Program Page and ensure you are familiar with any important dates.


It’s also crucial to plan moving forward during the Winter Months to wear indoor shoes to ensure we keep our rental facilities looking wonderful. Thanks for your cooperation.  For all those in DramaWorks, we trust you used the Holiday Season wisely to work on learning and memorizing your lines to the best of your ability.


We look forward to upcoming classes with you all.


ExpressionWorks Update

Last weeks ExpressionWorks class was lots of fun.

We enjoyed exploring with the typical Prop Game. Each person held onto the Flying Disc and they had fun suggesting what the item could be using their imaginations.

We introduced the concept that Clowns see things how they are instead of what they are. And this lead to us enjoying various different explorations.

We also had fun creating a place here our clown comes to life. This was done using colourful costumes and props. Everyone was extremely focused and stayed in tune with the discovery process.

We also find it successful to break the group into two sections based on their desires to either do a closing exercise with our Magic Box or the Visual Art Reflections.

We are excited to have Myke Mazzei also on board to support this program monthly with videography so that we can have our development recorded and then share with family and friends at the end of the program in the spring of 2016.

Stay in touch with our weekly updates.