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Month: April, 2014

Nicole Flynn has her own website guys… check it out.



New Website for Nicole Flynn


Poodle Skirts are in!

One of our many Costume Designers has just delivered our wonderful Pink Lady Poodle skirts.

They look amazing.

Make sure to check out the Costume List posted on our Website under the Multi Arts Showcase Tab for Performers.


See you in classes this week.


Important Discussion at SocialWorks

Hello Families, 

I just wanted to make you aware of a discussion/life lesson that was brought to our attention during class today. As mentioned in my previous email, we (DramaWay) were asked by the Special Olympics to make a public service announcement to “spread the word against the word”. As we are all aware, the word we are advocating against is the “R” word. Through out the course of the night while filming the PSA, questions started to arise amongst the group as to what the word actually was and what the word meant. As difficult as this was for me, taking Disability Studies and Disability Advocacy in university prepared me for if this discussion was to ever come up. Luckily amongst our group, no one has ever been faced with hearing or being called that particular name, however it is not to say that we will never cross it in the future. We learned that over time certain words have evolved from their original meanings to ones filled with negativity and oppression, some examples we learned were “crazy”, once used to describe someone with a mental illness, or “dumb” used to describe non-verbal or hearing impaired individuals. We learned that the “R” word has become a negative umbrella term for anyone with a disability, and a word that we need to advocate against and do not like to be called despite our abilities, hence the Public Service Announcement we have been asked to create. As a part of our PSA, we each chose 3 words we would use to describe ourselves. Amongst them were smart, beautiful, athletic, funny along with others. It was important that despite our abilities, that if we come across the “R” word we educate those using it on it’s origin and real meaning, and substitute it with a word that we would really use to describe ourselves such as the ones we brainstormed tonight. 
I just wanted to send out this email incase this topic or word were to come up at home, and wanted you to know the way in which we have approached it. No one seemed particularly too distraught or upset by what we discussed, and some of us may have not grasped the full concept -which is obviously okay, but at least we know it is something we need to advocate and report in the future. It was all ended on a positive note, and the whole group felt more involved and uplifted by the projects goals.  If you have any other questions comments or concerns feel free to contact me. For more information please visit www.r-word.org

Have a good weekend and we will see you all next week, 

RhythmWorks East continues their hard work on their hip hop routine for our upcoming June 14th showcase!

The group continued working on their hip hop routine and they also found time to develop some solos.

We are proud to announce that Amy, Nicole & Jenna have been chosen to do the group solos. Congrats ladies! We wish we could have chosen every dancer but sadly, it’s not possible.  Thanks for bringing your level of professionalism, and we look forward to seeing your show RUINS on June 14th at Papermill Theatre.

DramaWorks Process week of April 24th – Update

This week we placed a focus on gestures and body language. Our actors broke into groups to rehearse lines and assign a gesture for each line. We were also able to work through the full script utilizing our chosen gestures while aiming to project their lines.

Please work on projection at home and aim to rehearse speaking your lines loudly for family and friends. This will help for show day.

Stay tuned for timing and details of your June 12th showcase onsite.


VisualArtWorks Update April 23rd

Weekly Update – Apr. 21 – 25
Our group continued working on their Bean Moasics, which look incredible I must say!

They have a wide range of colours and seeing the different textures blended together, is quite impressive.

All the canvas has been stretched and we are looking forward to embarking on the painting soon. We will be priming them next week and by that point most of our mosaic assignments will be complete.

Look out for our Visual Art showing which will take place on site in June.

Stay tuned for more details.


Spread the Word to End the Word Student Video Contest Student Handout

  For those of you who may not know, our SocialWorks group has been busy these past few weeks preparing their entry to this video contest.  The entries will be announced May 12th. Stay tuned.  

DramaWay Welcomes our first Social Media Director

We are excited to welcome our first Social Media Director on board as of today. Priyanka S. Jachak is a graduate of the Global Business Management Post Graduate program at Humber. Prior to that she received her Bachelor of Management Studies back in India from Mumbai University.  Priyanka brings with her a wealth of experience in marketing and event planning.  A beautiful individual eager and willing to help with the promotion of our upcoming Showcase!

Stay tuned for her posts and updates on our several social media accounts.

Glad to have you on board Priyanka.



DramaWorks Downtown Tonight

Hi Everyone

DramaWorks will be headed up by this years Choreography Movement Specialist – Morgan Joy.

Tonight will be a focus on dancing and movement, so come dressed appropriately and with water bottle in hand.

Get those dancing shoes ready!

Lizz and I will not be in class this evening but we look forward to seeing our Scarborough DramaWorks Tomm to  continue our run through. We are excited that Gerald Fantone will be attending to support as Stage Manager tomm.

Thursday, we also have Morgan Joy attending our DramaWorks West location supporting us with the choreography, so come dressed accordingly wearing deodorant and T-Shirt as we will be moving and grooving for the full class.